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February 8, 2023

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Don CarlosMarch 29, 2016

you guys have been digging for two months now. what have you found?

ShellyMarch 9, 2016

I love the fact that I can see pictures of the site and read about the discovery. I only have one problem with this article. When I was looking up the scriptures in this article it said 1 Nephi 27:48. I was quite confused because I didn't realize there was a chapter 27. I had to go back and figure out it was chapter 27 and not 17. I thought there were several new chapters added and I had no clue.

Kent JMarch 8, 2016

I always pictured the phrase "down into the ship" to mean the ship was large enough to have a hull that they would have to go down into to store their provisions. After seeing the pictures of Khor Kharfot I also wondered if one of the mounds may have been used as a ramp to access the deck of the ship.

varianMarch 8, 2016

Here's the website link for the excellent new movie LEHI IN ARABIA about this site and the other Bountiful candidates, showing footage of the ruins and inscriptions found there



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