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February 8, 2023

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Becky Redd MittonMarch 6, 2016

This story is about my 2nd great grandfather. I've been fascinated by his story. I recently read of this account. They had such great faith! I'm grateful to have him as my grandfather.

Anna YoungMarch 6, 2016

George Mayer is my 4th great-grandfather. I loved this story, because it is interesting to read how the fruits of his mission to Switzerland grew. While in Switzerland George was poisoned. When he didn't die, people were so astonished that they listened to his message.

Scott McMullinMarch 6, 2016

The Bryner buried in the St George cemetery is the senior. He was the first person buried in the cemetery. While in Toquerville, they also raised silk worms to make silk. My grandmother Barbara Ann Bryner remembers as a girl, having little bags hanging around her neck and inside her clothing to keep the silkworms warm till they hatched. The murals in Price are at the county court house and were painted by Lynn Faucett, another cousin. Family history also talks about when walking behind the wagon crossing the plains, there was a milagencounter on the wheel and he would count the clicks (revolutions) to determine their mileage. They were with the Hunt wagon train which shadowed the willie handcart company. He was sealed to his second wife, my great grandmother in the endowment house in SLC. Smac

AmyMarch 5, 2016

I am also a descendant of Hans Bryner. I once told a group of friends that Hans is one of the first people I want to meet after I die. Imagine my surprise when a friend that was there later brought me a copy of a journal page from her ancestor who was the man who drove the Bryner's wagon across the plains! It really is a small world, and Hans' example has touched thousands of lives -- and not just his descendants.

Jayne GublerMarch 2, 2016

Cory, grave marker #1 is for Bryner Sr. His injuries from the trek across the plains, from which he "never fully recovered," were the cause of his death shortly after arriving in St. George. Fun fact: Casper Bryner married the daughter of another Swiss immigrant family, the Gublers. Anna Magdalena Gubler is my husband's great-great Aunt. Funny how 150 years later our two families converged again in marriage.

Cory Brian ForbushMarch 2, 2016

Lynne, I will go out of my way to see the mural in the Price post office. I look forward to seeing it. Are there other murals or paintings depicting Hans Ulrich Bryner, jr. I have a question about the gravesite number one in the St. George cemetery. Is it the grave of Hans Bryner Sr. or Jr. (Jr. being the blind one?) Also the heading preceding your earlier comment noted that I was a direct descendent of Hans Ulrich Bryner. I am not, but my wife is. I am married to Shara Erickson who's grandma is Urma Anderson Erickson. Urma's mother is a Bryner. I am pleased that my children are descendants of that great man.

Lynne Bryner BallifFebruary 29, 2016

Cory, This is my great grandfather. When my father Ray C. Bryner would tell us this story we would marvel at this sweet faithful man. There is one more story to add that we were told. When Brigham Young made a trip to St. George his wagon broke down, and needing to buy a new one to return to the Salt lake valley, someone told him to find Bro. Bryner, as he would know which wagon to purchase. When the Prophet met him, he wondered how a blind man could tell him more than he could see. Pres. Young decided on a wagon, but then Bro. Bryner carefully examined it, and told the Prophet that the wheels were to narrowly set and that it would break down on the journey home seeing as how there would always be one who'll up on the rut, and the wooden wheels not being in the ruts together. Pres. Young made a different choice and thanked Bro. Bryner for "seeing" what he could not. Also, there is a wonderful mural in the Price Utah Post office that is worth seeing of him, when people drive through. Thank you for sharing his story.



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