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April 13, 2021

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sueDecember 11, 2015

My Swain ancestors hailed from Nantucket. Natucket, due to its great isolation, and difficulties in being accepted by NY, and with few ways of getting supplies, went into the whaling business.They had no other option,and they became the greatest whalers in history. Yes it is based upon a true story which involved the greatest and most prolific whaler in Nantucket. I would have to look through my many books to find out his name. My ggg grandfather moved from Nantucket to NYC, and became a famous ship captain. He was an outstanding man, and I have a poster photo of his ship which disappeard. I have my thoughts about what happened to it. I actually ended up disproving a supposed historical fact about when he died. Two of my ancestors were part of the nine purchasers of the island. They had come to the Mass. Bay Colony to escape religious persecution in England, and there was so much of it in the colony that they bought the island. The people of and history of early Nantucket is fascinating. They were the only people who could get along with native Indians. I will probably not see the movie, but i know all about these great men. Half of the time they were nearly starving due to lack of food. Nantucket was not a fertile place to grow anything. Love the place and the people.



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