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September 27, 2020

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Lynn M. ChapmanNovember 27, 2015

I'm a convert to the LDS Church of nearly 50 years. I went to several protestant churches. In one I found a lack of substantial doctrine. I wondered what was wrong with me. Why didn't I understand more? From another I enjoyed a warm fellowship but was told it wouldn't be the same in other congregations of the same sect. I thought, if it is God's church shouldn't it be the same all over the world? From another I found that after being all fired up in meeting, I couldn't take that feeling home with me. All that hand-clapping, foot-stomping music was entertaining but left me cold after the meeting. Then the Elders knocked on my door. They taught me more in 6 discussions than I had learned all those years before. I wondered if I had studied my former faiths as much as I did the doctrine of the LDS Church, would I have found my answers in them? So I went back to my former church. The difference was quite apparent. That's when I decided to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I'm so blessed to be a member.

Duane PannellNovember 27, 2015

Good for you Wain! Preach it my brother!

Bob PowelsonNovember 27, 2015

I am slightly hard of hearing, and I am also easily bored. Having spent nearly 60 years of Sacrament meeting listening to good people with their chins tucked down, mumbling while reading their talks and missing half of what they said, I would love to hear Wain give a real "barn burner" of a sermon. During General Conferences, we here some great talks from inspired leaders. President Monson's stories of real people doing lovely things raise my spirits. Watching and listening Pres. Uchtdorf tell his flying stores, or Pres. Eyring getting an emotional catch in his voice. Yes, we need doctrinal content, but in my opinion, more truth is conveyed when the spirit is aroused through emotion, thoughts of love and fidelity. The Saviors Sermon on the Mount and his parables spoke to both the heart and the mind.



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