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December 8, 2019

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RitaApril 11, 2015

For 37 years, I have been married to a man with pervasive mental problems. I have prayed repeatedly for his mind to be healed, for him to be able to function as the leader and presider in our home, for him to be able to treat our children with respect, for all the things that most women want for, and from, their husbands. None of those prayers have been answered in the way I had anticipated. He is 74 now, still mentally ill (although the manifestation of it has changed), frail, blind, with dementia, severe COPD and a 10cm aneurysm in his abdomen. We take every minute together as a blessing. But throughout our journey, I have been blessed, upheld and strengthened by small and large miracles that have taught me, chastened me, and brought me to the point where I truly can trust Him. Our physical needs have been taken care of in miraculous ways during that time, and, at the end of our time here on the earth together, he is more loving and kind than he has ever been. He finally received the Melchizedek Priesthood last year, and has a valid temple recommend, although he is not physically able to go. The road the Lord picked for me and my family has been incredibly hard, but as I look back, I can see HIs hand in everything we have gone through, guiding and helping us back up when we have fallen. His miracles have blessed us every step of the way, even though, at the time, they were hard to see. He truly is a God of miracles, and a very loving Father.

Nancy CriooerApril 10, 2015

I enjoyed this article by a favorite Education Week instructor, who also served a mission in Brazil at the same time I did. There will not be a miracle every time, but there will be many if we watch for them. Ruth, can you get the check re-issued? Unless it was a cashier's check, that should be possible. The wallet contents, though nice to find, may not be essential. Sometimes we have to find our own solutions or pray for alternative inspiration.

KathleenApril 9, 2015

Response to Ruth’s comment of April 9 Ruth, what you are describing is the essence of the test of our faith that we all have to grow to understand. I have learned that when I pray, my faith should not be centered in getting the thing I ask for in the way I ask for it. Rather it should be centered in knowing that God hears me, that He is aware of me and loves me and wants what is best for me. Therefore I am to have faith in His wisdom and be willing to accept however He uses that wisdom in my behalf. If I am defining the way His miracles should occur in my life, I will often be disappointed because then my faith is not centered in Him and His wisdom. When I KNOW He hears my prayers and I KNOW He has the power to help me find lost items etc., that is one level of faith. But my faith is stretched and deepened when I accept that He will answer in His own way and His own time – and there will be things I can learn in the process that I am not even aware of now—things He has in mind for me because of what He knows I can become. For example, maybe I will better recognize the subtle whisperings of the Spirit as He guides and strengthens me through the challenges that come from NOT finding lost items. Maybe I will learn more about patience and long-suffering and compassion when I am NOT healed from my illness. Instead of focusing on the miracles and tender mercies you had hoped for but are NOT receiving, pray for help to recognize the many, many miracles you ARE receiving. As you do, you will come to know God much better and you will understand as I have one of His attributes that I love the most; He is definitely a God who is the “same yesterday, today, and forever.”

LynneApril 9, 2015

I am on the path of faith for a healing of a physical issue. I believe in Christ and that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. From the scriptures I have learned that He healed everyone who came to Him. I also believe that Christ does not want us to remain sick or stuck in a challenge. He healed the blind man...He healed the deaf...etc. He can heal me and I believe that He wants to. The challenges we have in this life serve as a gift so that we have something to practice faith on in our striving. Christ said many things about faith. .One is " if you live the commandments I abide in thee and thou in me". That means there is a deep spirit connection. He added to that statement...and if my word abides in thee thou may ask anything and if will be given." That means that we live the law behind the words or instructions He has given. I believe those words...therefore I ask Him to let me know what I need to do to have that blessing. I believe that all challenges, in this world, are there for the sole purpose of having something to practice faith on to receive our righteous desire. Those challenges are a gift . How are we ever going to become like Christ if we don't learn how to practice the kind of faith that brings miracles. This kind of faith requires that we stay on faith's track and not get sidetracked by frustration, fear or etc. We are to learn how to be a co-creator, with Christ ,in bringing about that which is a righteous desire of our heart. Never give up is the key and also accept what is at the moment and continue practicing the faith principles to receive .

No AuthorApril 9, 2015

Alvin, thanks for subscribing! You should be able to just close that box without filling out the form. You shouldn't have to put in your email to get through to the rest of the magazine.

RuthApril 9, 2015

I appreciate these reminders of the Lord's many miracles in our daily lives. Of late, though, I have been struggling with situations where I desperately needed tender mercies and the miracle of finding "lost keys" -- in my case, a $5,000 check and my recently deceased mother's wallet that has all of her credit cards, driver's license, and other things that I do not want to fall into the hands of a stranger. Immediately when I realized these items were lost (i.e. not where I had last seen them) and before I did any searching, I knelt on my knees and asked for Heavenly Father's help to find these items. I KNEW he would help me. Well, I still have not found them after searching my house for four months! It has not been comforting or faith promoting, to say the least. So, I am confused as to why some people, such as your wife, receive a clear and unmistakable miracle and answer to her prayer, yet others in similar circumstances petition The Lord but the miracles don't come. I want to believe that The Lord is consistent, but in my life, I have received vey inconsistent results. My answers to prayers seem more like throwing a dart blindfolded and hoping it hits the bullseye. I guess I just don't understand why sometimes The Lord helps us find the "lost keys" and sometimes he doesn't. How can I find the miracle in that? How does that build my faith?

Alvin MyersApril 9, 2015

Hi, I keep getting a sign up popup each time I open Meridian Magazine. I have signed up to receive your news letter. I can't seem to navigate into the magazine until I re-sign up. What can I do to eliminate this bothersome sign up? Thank you.

OrvaApril 9, 2015




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