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June 1, 2023

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Debra WoodsApril 11, 2023

I built a home in Saratoga Springs when it was still part of a Lehi Stake. I remember the stake conference in the Lehi Tabernacle when they announced the first Saratoga Springs stake and I knew who the stake president was going to be right before they announced it - Chad Wilkinson. I also knew there would be a temple there someday. President Eyring was a neighbor and it was always so dear when he was able to be in town and attend our Ward. These photos capture so many things that speak to my soul about this beautiful area where I lived for 12 years. I had a very similar palate in my home there. I am deeply moved by your photo essay! Thank you so much!

TomApril 11, 2023

To see all interior views of the Saratoga Springs Temple released by the Church, and a magnificent video with additional interior views, see The Church News article and links:



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