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July 17, 2024


It has commanded the landscape for some time, and from our home across the valley, we
watched the Saratoga Springs Utah temple arise. Yet, one has to move closer to begin to
recognize its stunning scope, it’s majestic and serene presence, its holiness as it stands
surrounded by Utah Lake and Mt. Timpanogos. Now, for 13 weeks, beginning April 15, this 179 th
operating temple in the Church will be open to the public. Tours will be conducted six days a
week, excluding Sundays.
Residents have been eager for this temple to open. It was announced at general conference in
April 2017 by then Church President Thomas S. Monson, but the construction of this temple
was delayed by COVID and its aftermath. Supply chains were broken and it became difficult to
obtain materials, so even though this temple was supposed to be on a fast-track construction,
everything slowed down. The temple will be dedicated in three sessions on Suday Aug. 13, 2023
by President Henry R. Eyring of the First Presidency and will be broadcast to congregations
throughout the area.

TomApril 11, 2023

To see all interior views of the Saratoga Springs Temple released by the Church, and a magnificent video with additional interior views, see The Church News article and links:


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