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July 2, 2022

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Tammy TaylorJuly 4, 2021

Thank you for a rational article about this topic. I also agree with many of the previous comments. Talking about race seems to be the wrong place to focus our attention. Let’s move on. Let’s work together to improve life for everyone in this country. I agree that the continued poverty for many blacks is concerning, but There are also many who seem to have broken this cycle. I feel that the biggest factor in the poverty cycle is the terrible education systems in inner city districts. This is more of a political problem than race as one party has run those cities for years. There must be change in the policies of elected officials and there must be choice through vouchers and charter schools available for these families. Competition is the quickest way to make change in these horrible schools. I like he idea of enterprise zones in inner cities to help with the economies and employment for those who live in those areas. There are many ways to begin to help those who are stuck in these areas. Shouting, and shaming and trying to throw out our country’s history and traditions is not going to get us there. Respect and love for everyone are the answers

Maryann TaylorJuly 2, 2021

Kenny's comments reflect the feelings of so many of us, probably millions. He asks some valuable questions at the end of his comment which deserve our consideration. I would add that as long as people keep pointing the finger and accusing people of racism simply because they are white, racism will remain alive.

Maryann TaylorJune 30, 2021

Is anyone else out there sick to death of this subject???? Seems to me the more we talk about it, the worse it gets. How about if we just start from today--the present, right NOW. Be kind and get on with it.

James HarveyJune 30, 2021

Chinese in Mexico were expelled, Crimean Tatars were expropriated by Stalin, Roma people are hated throughout Europe, and xenophobia pervades in South Africa. Even MLK Jr's inspiration Walter Rauschenbusch despised Eastern European immigrants as reducing good "Teutonic stock" in America. Racism cannot be reduced to a question of ideology, but how political power is exercised, and that is missing from the analysis,

Aeryn S.June 29, 2021

While I appreciate the authors' attempt to be fair and balanced, the fact remains that CRT is a poisonous ideology that even many blacks and other minorities find abhorrent (for instance, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York who recently did a press release denouncing CRT as racist, J. Kenneth Blackwell (former mayor of Cincinnati) who condemned CRT in his essay: Critical Race Theory Cynically Undermines Racial Harmony; Jon McWhorter (who says, “You are not a racist to criticize CRT,” and who is a vocal opponent of CRT being taught in school); Shelby Steele (who says, “. . . Critical Race Theory . . . has no other meaning than . . . to once again accuse whites of racism.”); and many other minorities who have spoken vocally against CRT). Every American should read Dr. Carol Swain’s essay at 1776 Unites titled Critical Race Theory’s Toxic, Destructive Impact on America. Yes, we should be able to have thoughtful, civil discussions about race and our history, and explore positive ways to elevate all of God’s children. But it can’t be done through CRT. Ironical, many of our black brothers and sisters are silenced if they speak out against CRT. If we truly want to start positive dialogues, I suggest becoming more aware of conservative and libertarian black thinkers, activists, speakers, and writers, including the wonderful Walter E. Williams, whom we recently lost, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Jon McWhorter, and Carol Swain, among others.

Ed GayhartJune 28, 2021

No, we really don’t need to talk about race. CRT was hatched to divide and conquer. Are there bad people? Sure are - of all colors. Are people hated and mistreated. Have been throughout history. CRT wants to put everyone in their proper box and then teach them to resent each other - nothing more. We are individual children of Heavenly Parents - not a color.

Debi-Ann Ward CaseJune 28, 2021

Kenny Mazzanti brings up valid points. I have often wondered if black people in our country are even aware that they are not the only ones who suffered the debilitating effects of slavery. The Jews were slaves to the Egyptian pharaohs for approximately two hundred years. They were slaves/captives in Babylonia for about seventy years, and then they were under brutal Roman rule. This is in addition to the various slaveries mentioned by Mr. Mazzanti.

Sasha KwapinskiJune 28, 2021

People of different minorities and constituencies have a legitimate need to "see themselves" represented in our nation's history. As the article points out. this can be done without disregarding and discounting the overall main themes and trends. Members of the LDS community (one a many religious "minorities" in the US) see themselves represented in this manner when we learn about (for example) the Mormon Battalion, the voyage of the Brooklyn, or the early LDS settlement of San Bernardino.

ShaunaJune 28, 2021

cogent, thought provoking and insightful. Thank you for a measured and helpful analysis. well done and wonderfully even handed

EveJune 28, 2021

Very thought provoking. Thank you!

Haze KompelienJune 28, 2021

I'm a 69 yr old White woman who, in her youth, didn't think she was racist at all. Gradually, over the years, I have been lovingly educated by dear Black friends on many aspects of their day-to-day lives that I was completely ignorant about. Simple things like little girls wishing for a doll that looked like them to complex things like having to give "The Talk" to your Black children about how to act in public to keep yourself safe. I am learning. I must also highly recommend the article the author provided a link to called "Being Black in America is Exhausting". Please do read it and your eyes will be opened to how different the lives of our Black sisters and brothers can be.

Susan NielsonJune 28, 2021

I’m so relieved to read a rational, thoughtful discussion about race, after so many months of shouting, shaming and hatred. I realize that I have much to learn but it has been so difficult to know where to turn for calm, reasoned knowledge. I truly want to know what I should do, and what I can do to show love to all around me. Thank you for your instructions; they are so much appreciated.

Kenny MazzantiJune 28, 2021

Let us also remember that the enslavement of African peoples was done in great degree by their own people who sold them off to Muslim slave traders. Slavery was not unique to the American colonies, but was a worldwide occurrence. When Spanish and Portuguese explorers conquered aboriginal people on the north and south American continents, they enslaved them by the thousands, and the Catholic Church forced "Christianity" upon them as slaves building their missions. The Spanish settlers enslaved native Americans, native Americans enslaved the Spanish, the Mexicans and each other. Native Americas commonly enslaved women and children when warring with other bands. At the time of the Civil War, there were more non-African slaves in north America than there were African slaves in the United States. So, why is it that your focus is exclusively on African slaves when many more people of various ethnicities were victimized by slavery? What makes you so special that we all need to dredge up the horrors of the past? Why is it that we cannot focus on a future without division? Why is it that we cannot see a future simply as God's children one and all?



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