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June 18, 2021

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Walden BarneyJune 13, 2021

Hello - I make this comment hoping that perhaps bro. Daniel C. Peterson will run across it, and might take note. Some time back, I read somewhere that that at present there are now more Spanish speaking members of the church than English speaking members. If this is true, and knowing that a substantial portion of those Spanish speaking members are, as we currently understand things, also descendants of the Book of Mormon peoples, I would like to admonish brother Peterson and the others involved in this project to consider also working on making a version of this movie (and any future ones as well) available in Spanish! I have numerous friends from Mexico and other parts of the Hispanic/latin american world who I would dearly love to be able to share this with, but all I can do is comment to them about it; most of them aren't fluent in English, and at present are therefore unable to truly experience this for themselves! We need a version done in Spanish voice! I hope you will consider doing this! Thanks for considering it.... Walden Barney (currently residing in the Salt Lake City area)

Raymond Takashi SwensonJune 11, 2021

No disrespect to Paul H, but Moroni's promise is conditional.on the reader actually reading the Book of Mormon, and wanting to know whether it is true or not. Understanding the reality of things the witnesses attested to can motivate people to get on the path so they qualify themselves to hear the still small voice of the Holy Ghost. Including to know that Moroni, the prophet who made that promise, is a real resurrected being who was seen by the Three Witnesses.

Paul HJune 11, 2021

"We care if there were witnesses" because we live in a secular world where proofs are critical to resolving important questions. Regarding the Book of Mormon, the strongest witness we can have, however, is from God. The Lord said in the Doctrine and Covenants that the Book of Mormon is true. (See D & C 17:6.) The Book of Mormon itself invites the reader to ask God if it is true. (See Moroni 10:4.) I have never heard a single person testify that they knew the Book of Mormon was true because of their reading of the written accounts from either the Three Witnesses or the Eight Witnesses, as important as their written testimonies are, because a greater witness no one can have than from God. (See D & C 6:23.) Church History is fascinating; it perks interest for certain, both positive and unfortunately also negative at times, but the strongest witness is from God through the Holy Ghost. That is the rock of revelation that is unique to the Restoration and sets it distinctly apart from secular scholarship.

CASJune 10, 2021

We have seen the film, "Witnesses!" It was indeed wonderful and very moving! We loved the choice of actors, especially Joseph Smith and Martin Harris. They were outstanding and very believable, especially Joseph. This is no glossed-over account! Its profound message has stayed with me for days! It follows Church History quite accurately. The photography is gorgeous! Thanks to all who made this film possible. We, as members of the Church, need to support this film! I have spread the word to all my family and friends!

Mary Ann KershisnikJune 10, 2021

I loved the beautiful movie, and appreciate your fine work!

Newell HarwardJune 10, 2021

We saw the film. Very well done. I plan to see it again. So much packed in an hour or so. Need to see several times to fully appreciate its significance. Thank you for making these historical events available for the public.

Duane BoyceJune 10, 2021

The film is both cinematically and spiritually stupendous. It is a highly significant and impressive accomplishment, and everyone who sees it will love it. I believe "Witnesses" is a genuine "must-see" for all Latter-day Saints and I fervently hope that many others will see it as well. Don't miss it!



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