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March 27, 2023

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Terry AndersonMay 21, 2014

Very common in Islamic culture. I've known many people from India and Sri Lanka who had arranged marriages. Seems to work better than what we do in the West.

sue maxwellMay 21, 2014

Years ago when we were first married, my husband was in charge of missionary work in the church. And Elder came to him and told him about the same situation. Arrangements were made with the uncle to un- arrange the marriage. I guess it depends on the individuals.

Sallie NielsonMay 21, 2014

Is this the full article or are we missing something? Even going to the Print Article view ends with "are carried away by spouses who do not respect their religious choice".

Peggy EnnisMay 21, 2014

Adam and Eve had an arranged marriage.

A Happy HubbyMay 21, 2014

An arranged marriage can be seen by the western world as void of passion/romance/love and very

Susan RoylanceMay 21, 2014

OK -- tell us the rest of the story. How did Scott and Maureen get into the picture?

Don CarstenMay 21, 2014

Is our system necessarily superior? We leave the choice up to folks who are inexperienced and driven by hormones. Others make choices from a vantage point of accumulated wisdom and clearly have the interestes of their children at the forefront. If arranged marriages were a function of our society, our parents would surely select mates for us that were righteous Saints. An interesting bottom line observation is that their succes rate appears high, otherwise the young man in the article would not be so pleased by the prospect of his arranged marriage. Conversely, our divorce rate (even in the church) is hardly exemplary. We need to be more generous in our judgment of other social systems.

Glenna BradshawMay 21, 2014

My husband and I went with them to Manila and witnessed the sealing, And I can't read the full article, help! It says 'with Pagination'. I love their pictures though!

Melanie AlfredMay 21, 2014

I am full of admiration for these two these people who have apparently made a success so far of this marriage. It really does show how much attitude makes relationships work when we are willing to be unselfish. The wife looks happy so I hope she is.

Dennis Hess MDMay 21, 2014

Beautiful story and photos. I and my wife, Noreen, served a humanitarian mission in Kathmandu from 1999 to 2001, attending church every Saturday this lovely red brick chapel, working with these faithful members. We know the Adikari family well; Noreen taught delightful Chandra keyboard before his mission; I accompanied Bishnu Adikari, the brother in the article, many times to visit less active members. I also home-taught monthly with Subhash Shrestha (who arranged his own marriage to Meena) on his motor bike. Although no proselytizing by Americans is allowed in Nepal, this very active branch continues to send missionaries to India almost every month, since there is an open border between the two countries. I worked with the doctors in the Family Practice Department at Tribuvan University Hospital, while Noreen taught English to many bright women, including non-members. When we were about to leave after 18 months, most of them were very sad. She explained that her replacement was also a trained English teacher. "No, we are not talking about the English. It was the other things you taught us: about the value of women and the importance of seeking truth and beauty in our lives." Couple missions are priceless experiences, especially in third world countries.



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