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Millions Sold - Why? Because It's Made Easier

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February 1, 2023

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KathyApril 23, 2014

Mariah, this was a beautiful treatment of such a common problem! I was moved to tears. I've experienced this and seen it in the lives of others. I hope that many people will thaw out of their icy mindset and reach out to connect with others. That is the essence of the gospel, when you get right down to it. How can we love others, how can we lift others, unless we break down those icy walls we've created?

Alexandra WilliamsAugust 19, 2013

Great article, Mariah! I, too, do the same exact things! Thank you for writing this, I have to work on this, too!

Debi August 19, 2013

Mariah, you could have been writing about me. How many opportunities for friendship, dating, potential love, career opportunities did I miss because, as a rule, I rejected anyone or anything intimidating before they had a chance to reject me, afraid I wouldn't measure up. I built a fine, thick, strong wall around my heart that let in no one, nothing that might potentially hurt me with their quality or value. I held strictly to my judgemental ways and was the poorer for it. I'm now in my mid-40s, and finally allowing love and acceptance to win out over pre-judgement. When I realize I'm in that dark place of feeling "less than" I now pray to have my heart filled with the pure love of Jesus Christ. Everyone wants to be noticed, admired and complimented. Who doesn't respond positively to enthusiasm and sincere interest? What a difference it has made in the quality of my life and opportunities afforded me. I wish I had known this back in my BYU and singles ward days. I love that you have recognized it and are calling it what it is, naming the enemy. You go, She-Rah, Princess Warrior! Keep fighting off the fiery darts of Satan!



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