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July 24, 2021

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Margie MJune 22, 2020

Loved this article. Loved how inspired and insightful your ideas are. I especially resonated with your insight to change to the positive. I have been feeling strongly this past week that we have had so many negative examples of racialism and I want to see as many examples of loving kindness between races. It seems time to see, hear, and experience positive examples so we can learn from each other ways to change for the better.

Gary OliverJune 22, 2020

This is what Nephi meant by "feasting on the words of Christ". Well done Sister Linford. Thank you for showing me the depths of what may be found in "the Word" when seriously and prayerfully considered including its application to my own life.

Karen AdamsonJune 21, 2020

I love this! The spirit has been teaching me many if these things. Thank you for such a wonderful and timely article!

KennaJune 18, 2020

I second Beverly’s comment, in this article felt personal in an uplifting way with confirmation from the spirit - which lately I’ve been hard pressed to find. Thank you for your preparation and willingness to write and share!

BeverlyJune 18, 2020

I feel as if you were writing this article JUST FOR ME. Thank you for following the spirit and your heart as you wrote. You gave me the tools and encouragement I need to move forward.

Ron DotyJune 17, 2020

I have always loved the book of Moroni, and recall a time reading his words being struck by his loneliness and grief, but never saw how he dealt with it. Being in the middle of a pretty tough time, this is a real blessing. Thank you.

Cynthia CarlsonJune 17, 2020

Awesome, inspiring article! Thank you!

Susan DickmanJune 17, 2020

Thank you for your thoughts on Moroni and how he girded up his loins and took fresh courage to continue on the way he did. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder and when I saw your title, I thought--great, another article on dealing with depression and could be from someone who does not know what depression is. I am grateful to you and the way you presented how Moroni overcame being the only Nephite left and continued the work he had yet to fulfill. Your words are thought provoking and definitely gives me ideas on how I can work through some of my depression.

Sandy ReddishJune 17, 2020

It is amazing to me how the Book of Mormon holds the solutions to many of our problems. Thank you for sharing we have multiple family members with depression.

Sandy ReddishJune 17, 2020

This is wonderful thank you for sharing. It is amazing to me how the gospel in by he Book of Mormon provides answers to so many of life's challenges.

Tanya NeiderJune 17, 2020

Love it! Insightful. Whenever I read Moroni's account of aloneness, I weep for him, yet, seeing all he accomplished after his desperation brings comfort & joy. The way you have laid out how to "liken the scriptures unto yourself" in this simple, step-by-step fashion will certainly give others hope and direction. Thank you!

CarolineJune 17, 2020

What a wonderful article! It helped me so much with a seemingly endless challenge in my life. Thank you for sharing this insight.



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