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November 27, 2022

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Douglas AustinJune 28, 2020

Maurine, you talk about the "horrific murder of George Floyd" but no one has yet been convicted of murder and it will be difficult to do that unless the prosecutor in the Derek Chauvin trial can prove that Chauvin has malice aforethought or premeditation to kill Floyd, in other words he put his knee on Floyd's neck specifically knowing it would kill him. Did Chauvin kill Floyd? Yes, no question but he likely was guilty of negligent homicide, not murder.

Bob FordJune 14, 2020

This piece and your more recent piece about burning our own house down articulate what has been in my mind about these tragedies. Thank you for that. To those who would complain that you didn’t focus enough on George Floyd or the plight of African Americans, etc., I would point out that those were not the main topic of the piece. I thought you struck a perfect balance in both pieces.

Ilene BrackenJune 14, 2020

Thank you Maurine for your article, I really enjoyed reading it. It made me think.

AllisonJune 12, 2020

I agree with those who have expressed sympathy with the experiences of black Americans and called for greater compassion and awareness of the injustices and violence they have faced through the years. In my mind, step one is listening and learning, rather than fixating upon the riots. One of the most impactful things I have heard in the past two weeks is the reminder that America itself is a result of rebellion against oppression. For those who heartily condemn the current violence, but idealize America and her ideals, don't condemn one while glorifying the other. Let's make the current focus of our efforts listening to and learning from our black brothers and sisters.

JackJune 11, 2020

I appreciate your articulating the sentiment that rioting has no place in the lives of those who believe in the Restored Gospel of Christ. I just wish you had spent half the time of the article articulating the importance of the protests and less time on the rioting. The few sparse sentences of sympathy toward George Floyd seemed really almost like token mentions, and doesn't really address or even scratch the surface of the terror Black Americans grow up with. I think you missed an opportunity.

Corey DinsdaleJune 7, 2020

Just read your article, excellent and well written. Lot's of political, emotional and intellectual rhetoric in society right now. One of the best things I've seen or read recently was by Jack Brewer, a former player in the NFL, he is black, is a professor of business and an ordained minister, he said that the riots and lack of response to curtail or stop them is a result of the progressive ideas and philosophies that have been permeating our society, especially in education and particularly at the university level but most importantly he say's we have forgotten God. Pretty much sums it up. I would also recommend reading the recent comments from Burgess Owens, also a former NFL player and currently running for Congress in the 4th district of Utah.

SimplicioJune 7, 2020

I'm very impressed with this: “Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. ... In spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem: it merely creates new and more complicated ones. Violence is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding: it seeks to annihilate rather than convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends up defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers." The Quest for Peace and Justice, Martin Luther King Jr., Nobel Lecture - December 11, 1964

RichardJune 7, 2020

I love to see what the Book of Mormon has to offer about the events of our day! The Book of Mormon amplifies the Christianity in a person and then society.

NancyJune 6, 2020

— -- An on-duty New York City police officer was killed early Wednesday after a gunman walked up to a police vehicle and fired one round through a window, authorities said. Officer Miosotis Familia, a 12-year veteran assigned to the New York City Police Department's 46th Precinct's anti-crime unit, was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, where she was pronounced dead at 3:37 a.m. ET. She was 48 years old, according to police sources. At a press conference Wednesday morning, New York City Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill said Familia was shot in the head in an "unprovoked attack" while sitting with her partner in a marked police command vehicle on the corner of Morris Avenue and East 183 Street in the Bronx around 12:30 a.m. He told reporters the vehicle had been parked there since March because of increased gang activity in the area. Familia's partner radioed for assistance while other uniformed officers chased after the suspect, who took off on foot. As the officers confronted the suspect, he drew a revolver, and the officers shot and killed him, according to O'Neill. The shooter has since been identified as Alexander Bonds, 34, of New York City. The .38 caliber revolver recovered from the crime scene was stolen in West Virginia in 2013, police sources told ABC News. Moses taught an eye for an eye. Jesus taught. Do unto others as you would have others do to you. Alma 5:60 And now I say unto you that the good shepherd doth call after you, and if you will hearken unto his voice he will bring you into his fold, and ye are his sheep; and he commandeth you that ye suffer no ravenous wolf to enter among you, that ye may not be destroyed. Maybe if we started posting all the good in the United States your daughters might see things differently. If all you watch and read is the news or media they might see things differently. Instead, we are following the ravenous wolves around and highlighting his-their exploits. Look for the good in the world. I've been told He is going to win. "HEAR HIM"

IleanaJune 6, 2020

Not to be contrary but I truly wonder what you would say about the narratives coming from the president of this country. Is he one of the “elites” you speak of? I certainly don’t see any love, kindness and understanding coming from him. Where is he leading and why are so many blindly following his hateful rhetoric?

CPGJune 4, 2020

Please please please. A man was murdered in plain sight by 4 police officers and initially no one was arrested. Without video, it would have been fake news being spread. There would have been no arrests. Can we take a moment and talk about the cruel, violent murder that occurred. Why does this keep happening? What is the false narrative that has been perpetrated?

Denise ChristensenJune 4, 2020

Maurine, I so appreciate your comments and insights. This is a very well written article that explains and clarifies what we as a people should do in response to the recent circumstances in our country. Thank you for sharing your viewpoint based on doctrinal truths.You are truly a wise woman.

Jason SchliermanJune 4, 2020

One of my personal American heroes is Jackie Robinson. He put up with so much garbage, and it wasn’t always peaceful, but he personally held his ground, stayed peaceful and kind himself, and just played baseball. His example lead to not just professional baseball opening up to all athletes, but to all professional sports. God bless that man and people like him!

Le LarsenJune 4, 2020

After a little research, I found that many/most of the looters are organized, professional thieves taking advantage of the situation. The many/most of the rioters are white supremacists determined to ignite their ‘race war’. Most protesters are simply using their first amendment right to protest injustice.

Sherry ScoffieldJune 4, 2020

A wonderful article that articulates what we want to say. The Book of Mormon is fur our day!

Janice MyersJune 4, 2020

Wonderful article! But with a critical error. The Floyd "murder" was a staged event. Watching all the videos makes it easy to establish. It's entire purpose was to cause the emotional response which it has gotten from all of us (me included until I learned more) and set up the entry of Antifa and the riots. Before you decide, do the research so we're not guilty of what Maureen is talking about in this great article.

MarieJune 4, 2020

This was an outstanding and well thought out article! Thank you so much for speaking what so many are feeling right now.

Diane KriloffJune 4, 2020

What an insightful article! I wish I could broadcast it to the world to hear. I join with so many in heartfelt prayer that this violence will stop and peace can be restored. Violence, as you so eloquently pointed out is never a solution.

John C. GreeneJune 4, 2020

Excellent and insightful commentary. Especially your observations about narratives. For many, narratives are an easy substitute for the hard work of searching out the truth. And I see that even among the Saints, which is very troubling to me. One of the distinguishing criteria that divides the wise from the foolish virgins in Section 45 is that the wise "have not been deceived." Narratives can be very deceptive. Thank you.

Patience EkpoJune 4, 2020

Thank you for this write up. We can only find peace in Jesus Christ who is our perfect example. Satan always stir the heart of men to contention. May we be watchful and avoid the craftiness of Satan. Consider what President Nelson has said and be wise "Never has one wrong been corrected by a second wrong. Evil has never been resolved by more evil.”

Moroni McConkieJune 4, 2020

I have seen footage of severe abuse of peaceful protesters by the militarized police. Obviously there is a level of abuse out there that I was not aware of, if this is what is happening when the cameras are on. This has been an underlying infection in this country, and now the scab has been pulled off. We can either lance the infection, or go back to the way things were. While the riots are painful and will be expensive to repair, it has certainly brought a level of attention to this matter that was not getting through before. At one point, I had honestly thought that this level of vile bile was left in the dustbin of history along with Bull Conner, Ross Barnett and George Wallace. But I was wrong. We still have a way to go. It's time for those of us who cannot empathize to be quiet and listen to those who have experienced this for their life-- the fear of sending your teen son out to go get some milk, or to BBQ, or to bird watch, or whatever. Will you see them again? Living with that constant fear and stress is why they kneeled but got ignored, and now they must shout so we can hear.

Fay KlinglerJune 3, 2020

Thank you Maurine. I very much appreciated your article and passed it on to several of our children.

Alan FlemingJune 3, 2020

Well expressed. I wish it only more widely read.

Jarrah Lyn GeraldJune 3, 2020

You make some very valid points in this article which I appreciate. Violence should never be justified or condoned. However, I think this article is grately lacking in compassion and understanding for African Americans. There is absolutely no attempt here to mourn with those that mourn or comfort those that stand in need of comfort. George Floyd is a very small tip of the iceberg. Black people were brutally kidnapped, tied to chains, beaten and drug across the ocean to be slaves who were whipped, beaten, and raped. Even when they were "freed" they continued to be lynched and mistreated. Dr. King was amazing, but lets be honest, the civil rights movement helped but it did not stop racism. Do you know how many black people who have wrongly sat in jail for years for crimes they did not commit? Do you know how many black people who have been killed by police but there was no camera footage taken? Where is your desire to understand or listen to those who are hurting? Where is your desire to love your black brothers and sisters? I absolutely do not condone violence or rioting. I condone being a voice for change. You have the ability as writer to influence your audience for good, for change. I don't believe in this case anyone's hearts were turned in love towards those who are crying and weeping daily. Sometimes we are so busy judging that we more importantly miss the loving. When accusers brought the woman taken in adultery to Jesus, his focus was not on condemning, but loving.

Rosanne McCallJune 3, 2020

Thank you so much for these well chosen and inspired have articulated so clearly what is at stake here. I appreciate your insight.

CABJune 3, 2020

Thank you!

bluewaterJune 3, 2020

Thank you Maurine.Really good thoughts, well expressed. Too bad so very many who need to hear what you say will never be reading it.

CapriJune 3, 2020

Excellent piece of commentary Maurine. Thank you for post this!

Myrna AndersonJune 3, 2020

Thank you for your well-written thoughtful words. The Book of Mormon tells of events such as are occurring here but the only battle plan given is to live the commandments and a righteous life. If we die in the process - "Happy Day! All is well!" But what will be left for those who are left behind? There is NO better plan for a country than our God-inspired Constitution which is thrown to the curb by those who deem themselves above the common man.

Richard MusterJune 3, 2020

I have been looking for someone to call out this hysterical, fanatical craziness that is going on in our county. No one who saw the video where George Floyd was murdered by a terrible police officer could condone such conduct and all of us are outraged. But my gosh, burning, looting, doing harm to our police and fellow citizens is not the way to respond. How can you rationally condemn a whole nation of good police people who protect us and put their lives in harms way every day. The bad apples are few and maybe some real leadership can figure out a better way to either train them better, or just weed them out. Thank you once again for your enlightening article.

PeggyJune 3, 2020


SamJune 3, 2020

This piece is very insightful. Thank you for sharing. Everything that’s happening around us has been prophesied. Didn’t think we would live in this time where evil is right and right is evil.

Bill FreezeJune 3, 2020

Maurine...thank you for having the courage to say that just because the talking heads say something doesn't mean it will turn out that way. We have a wonderful country that is the envy of every nation on earth. We know we are not perfect and must do better, but those that burn, steal and harm others are evil and don't want things to be better...they are destroyers of liberty, goodness and charity. Once again they will learn that Americans and people of faith will not give up on give in in regards to American values....the PRICE of FREEDOM is NEVER PAID!

Jenny Flake RabeJune 3, 2020

I also thought of how the Lamanites attacked the people of Limhi because they though they'd stolen their women. And before asking, before understanding, they attacked and slew many. This only weakened the tie they had with them and eventually the people of Limhi had to flee, away from the oppression of the people who felt the need to suck these people dry to make up for what their fathers had lost.

CheriJune 3, 2020

Thank You for your powerful article! I couldn't agree with you more❤️

VAL C. LEWISJune 3, 2020

Thank you, Maurine for this article! We are indeed living during the "last days". The Book of Mormon is truly a blue print for the second coming. I believe we should interpret the "news" of the day through a gospel lens and not through the lens of modern "elite" journalists. Certainly, Isaiah 5:20, is at work here! There is only one question Latter day Saints need to ask God about the Riots: "Should I participate in burning down cities, loot stores, or attack my fellow citizens or the police to bring about change?" The answer you receive will reveal who you are....kind of like answering all the questions in Alma 5.

Gary andersonJune 3, 2020

Thank you Maurine and Meridian Magazine for all the good you do! It is much appreciated!

KathiJune 3, 2020

This is a great article... Thanks!!

Cynthia CarlsonJune 3, 2020

Thank you for voicing so clearly what many of us feel but cannot express or put into words, or fear to, as emotions around us boil over and threaten even more destruction. I pray for every brother and sister of every color and creed to come together and put equal energy into peacefully solving problems.

Alece ReynoldsJune 3, 2020


Vickie WagstaffJune 3, 2020

Thank you. You have put into words so many thoughts and feelings going through my heart this morning. Silence is NOT compliance, even though so many would suggest otherwise.

MIKEYJune 3, 2020

U r da voice of reason & logic. thx a ton

AyseJune 3, 2020

Thank you for this well formulated article. If we truly believe what the Book of Mormon teaches us, we cannot support anything or anybody that encourages violence or silencing of the voice of the people. To have a voice doesn’t mean violence, but rather to vote in moral people and to work towards a better path. But then that means taking responsibility, doesn’t it?

JeanAnn ShuldbergJune 3, 2020

Thank you.

J KuesterJune 3, 2020

I agree completely and continue to pray in faith that the cleverly clad and deceptive sophistry will be recognized and exposed for what it is- lies and false arguments which are leading, not to needed changes in our society, but to destruction, greater ignorance, and wider divides rather than honest change and improved relationships, opportunities, and peace.

Shep KuesterJune 3, 2020

Follow the prophet’s counsel. Violence is never the answer. When emotions run high, and hot anger is all around us, it’s very difficult to hear the calming voice of the prophet, who says what the Savior wants to us to say and do.

Virginia PartchJune 3, 2020

I am so glad to read your article! It says all that is in my heart. We have what I call a "rainbow" family - a couple of nationalities are represented among my children's mates as well as my grand children's mates and they are all excellent God fearing people who work hard and teach their children. We are so blessed because of all of them!

Judy WheelerJune 3, 2020

Wonderful commentary, thank you.

Duane BoyceJune 3, 2020

Well said, Maurine!

KathrynJune 3, 2020

Amen! Thanks for having the courage to point out that the narrative emperor is naked. Not only are the riots orchestrated conflict (as Jeff Lindsay pointed out in another Meridian article), but they are *exactly* the same type of action as Chauvin took against Floyd: violence toward those who are innocent.

JuliannJune 3, 2020

“Evil has never been resolved with more evil”, that says it all. God is love. Love is the answer.

David Clarke PrudenJune 3, 2020

Thank you for this thoughtful article Maurine. A logical and calm voice in a conversation too often characterized by shouting.

John B HewlettJune 3, 2020

What an EXCEPTIONAL essay on our current horrific events. Where is the respect for personal property of the unfortunate bystander. How have the standards of law and order become so compromised? Unwinding of historical injustice is a process of understanding and experience. Government has made it worse through ineffective programs, and initiative destroying subsidies to buy voting control. Agency, with obedience to God's law, will heal the land and it's people. Reform is needed in law enforcement, but quality education about core values and civility are important areas to address. Communication with the agrieved parties, and constructive remedies with definable outcomes versus poverty and welfare dependency is necessary. Charities, churches, and service groups are better equipped than inefficient government to find and implement solutions.

KarenJune 3, 2020

Wow! Thank you! I have had a couple of days of mind blowing encounters with young adults that have been sucked into the whole of distorted perspectives. To the point that I am stymied, and sick to my stomach. It’s like someone flipped a switch and ignorance exploded in our nation. I needed to here sanity so I could breath again. Thank you!!!

Joanne WagstaffJune 3, 2020

Thank you for sharing this most insightful summary of all history of those Book of Mormon days...and ours of today.

Lisa ArnoldJune 3, 2020

Thank you, Maurine.

Mark DonaldsonJune 3, 2020

Great article! We can be against both racism and senseless violence! Thank You!

RaNae SHOAFJune 3, 2020

Maurine, thank you so much for this article. It helped put into words all that I've been feeling.

Shauna SJune 3, 2020

Well written and thought provoking and I especially appreciate the ties to The Book of Mormon. I also remembered vaguely that President Benson's classic talk "Beware of pride," mentions "riot(s)" as a form of pride. Here's the quote "Another face of pride is contention. Arguments, fights, unrighteous dominion, generation gaps, divorces, spouse abuse, riots, and disturbances all fall into this category of pride." This quote has given me much food for thought. Thank God for the Book of Mormon, and prophets, past and current, to lead us through this time.

Rod BeachJune 3, 2020

Well put, thanks

Amy H.June 3, 2020

It is my understanding that the majority of the protests have been peaceful. I have heard numerous liberal leaders criticize and express their frustration with the violence and looting that have taken place in a few areas. The President of the United States has been the strongest advocate of violence of all the voices in the public square.

CPGJune 3, 2020

This is quite an extensive article about false narratives and the condemnation of protests. I do not condone riots. However, where is an extensive article about the about the senseless, horrific and heart breaking killing of black people on a regular basis with no justice? Perhaps I missed it? Your article made me look at the Book of Mormon in a new way. Perhaps the Nephites did have their knees on the neck of the Laminates (figuratively speaking) and they were subjected to various forms of injustice. That would certainly explain the constant wars which I never understood in the first place. Thanks for this article. It did open my eyes.

Gary ArnellJune 3, 2020

Excellent commentary. Thank you.

Pene HortonJune 3, 2020

Thank you, maurine...great article! As members we are told to pray with all energy of heart for the pure love of Christ. He said, as I have loved you, love one another. Love, not hatred, is the answer.

Marlyce JeanneJune 3, 2020

Thank you for putting into words what has been in my heart and on my mind. We have been discussing in our family how we are seeing Book if Mormon scenes including secret combinations on full display.

Jane HallstromJune 3, 2020

"Evil has never been resolved by more evil." So true. We have many examples in the Book of Mormon where "Good" armies try to quell "Bad" people and it does not resolve anything. Sadly many of our country's civil police forces in recent years have been trained to exert vicious military like power against their fellow citizens in the name of law enforcement. I love America, and I know that God gave us her ideals and all the good that has come from our form of government and our beautiful land. But simplifying today's turmoil as a result of a false narrative promoted by "Elites" is to miss a great deal of context and nuance in our history and society. Plenty of "Elites" have begged the rioters to stop, and there is evidence that some of the riots are fueled intentionally by some who would discredit the cause of justice. I appreciate your convictions but in these outbreaks I do not see a simple black and white divide between truth and falsehood. I see evidence of a great dissolution of decency from all quarters which has been brewing for generations.

Kim BurnsJune 3, 2020

Well Said and so true. Thank you Maureen once again for articulating What I would like to say.



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