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June 18, 2021

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HalJune 14, 2019

Great article! I pray daily that our daughters will learn to develop the mutual love and affection for their future husbands as my wife and I have for each other. I pray that all people in the world can understand that men and women are to compliment and complete each other - not compete against each other.

RussellJune 12, 2019

At 63 looking back as a father this articul is spot-on, my girls were taken to another country for 9 years, I did all I could to comunicate with them but not being there certainly had a negative effect on them, my 35 year old still struggles with the effects quite badly, the next also has her struggles, eventualy I managed to get them back and raised my youngest from 13, we were fortunate to be able to develop a loving trusting relationship with her and she is as happy and well adjusted as most. I would like to know how to reverse the negative affects, it is very hard to watch your daughter continually choose self defeating behaviors and see also the ripple effect into the next generation, she has1 boy 4 girls and they have no Father.



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