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June 29, 2022

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Monte MortensenMay 30, 2019

What a perfect story of loving each other. Those children at Rising Star are angels! You write beautifully Becky! You have reminded me to be ever mindful of others who might be struggling or in despair. It is so easy to be self absorbed and ignore who are around.

Kay HansenMay 30, 2019

Becky, I loved this story! I know the Lord has been instrumental (or at the helm all along) in all the miracles that are a part of Rising Star’s legacy. Hearts can be changed and it is so sweet that in this case it was the sincerity of little children enthusiastically singing a simple song that made the difference.

Faith RalphsMay 28, 2019

This story brought tears to my eyes. I've been to Rising Star as a volunteer and can picture those precious little ones. I just wish I could kiss their cheeks through the computer screen. Becky is an example of the kind of woman I want to be--never forgetting the poor.

Adrienne Cohen May 25,2019May 25, 2019

I had a lump in my throat reading this incredibly beautiful story. Thank you for letting me relive this extraordinary day. And thank you for you, Becky.

Becky DouglasMay 24, 2019

Phil-wonderful to hear from you after so many years! I'm so sorry to learn of your ALS diagnosis. Write me at [email protected] and let's see if our families can meet together. In the meantime, we're praying for you. Becky

Addie SimperMay 24, 2019

Music from the mouths of sweet babes brought light to darkened hearts and inspired social change. My heart melted when I read Becky's account of this experience, inwardly cheering for each of the champions that played a part in this miracle. Modern day heroes giving voice to the plight of those who have long been ostracized and deemed untouchable. Hearts can change. This story lets us know a new day is on its way for those afflicted with leprosy. Becky is an angel on earth bringing true hope, healing, education and a voice to those that have suffered far too long.

CarolineMay 23, 2019

I love reading Becky's articles to my children around the breakfast table. This one pulled at the heart strings just like the rest. Also, great reminder to incorporate more spiritual music into the home!

Phil HarrisonMay 23, 2019

Becky, I'm so proud of you and what you have accomplished in India. Thank you so much for telling this story, documenting the beginning of deliverance from stigma for these people. You probably haven't heard, but I was diagnosed a year and a half ago with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). I will probably be gone within a year from now. There have been many family members, Ward members, neighbors, and healthcare workers who have supported and taken care of me. While there is no stigma attached to ALS, perhaps I can still appreciate some of what these lovely people in India feel in gratitude for your efforts. God bless you and John in all your efforts. With love, Phil.

Becky DouglasMay 23, 2019

Mary, thank you so much for including Rising Star Outreach on your account. That it so thoughtful of you! I know it seems like just pennies, but pennies add up! It reminds me of the old adage of the power of small things to create meaningful change in the world. All in all, it's a pretty painless way for people to help us. Each month we get a check from Amazon that helps us to reach out to a few more people. So thanks again for taking the time to name us in, thus becoming a sender of those wonderful pennies! And thanks to all of you who have taken the time to share your own insights and thoughts. I love learning from my readers! Becky

Mary JurgaitisMay 22, 2019

I use Anything that my order contributes goes to Rising Star. And now, whenever I type in Amazon in my address bar, it reminds me to use So beautiful to have read this article!

Chelsea KernMay 22, 2019

This was such an amazing and beautiful story that truly brought tears to my eyes! Each one of us has felt ostricized in our own way and we continue to talk about the increase of depression, suicide, and other mental illnesses within our communities. It is time that put this concept into play and recognize how important it is to simply be kind.

Karen RawlingsMay 22, 2019

That is such a beautiful story. Music has such a power to touch people's hearts. I would love to see the additional lyrics that were written for these children.

Raymond Kent BakerMay 22, 2019

What a wonderfully written account. This is inspiring. Thank you. I wish that we could hear the song that was sung.

Jorge HernandezMay 21, 2019

Beautiful story, miracles can happen when we activate our faith and do what ever suppose to do. This is one of example of love to show to our less or inactive members of our Church that we often signaled as "leprosy ". Thank for sharing this article.

SueAnn BullockMay 21, 2019

I have followed this brave and inspired woman and those who work with her for years. So many are blessed by the work of the “Outreach” program. May we each do a little more in this regard! Thank you for this article!

Lee GrobergMay 21, 2019

Once again, Becky Douglas tugs at the heart strings with true events which should touch the lives of humankind. Her efforts with the leprosy-affected are admirable and I only hope that I can be a better person for having personally witnessed the looks in the faces of these precious children - from leprosy-affected families.

JohnnyMay 21, 2019


LewisMay 21, 2019

another beautiful article! She has a real gift!!

BrettMay 21, 2019

Love this story! Kindness changes lives. This is a wonderful reminder to me to be a little more aware of what is around me.

Amy S., South Jordan UTMay 21, 2019

BRILLIANT! Thank you to those involved this tremendous outreach effort. Such a wonderful example of Christlike healing (both of those affected by leprosy, and those fearful of it).

AleniMay 21, 2019

This is very touching...thank you for sharing and thank you for all you do in India to help those children of Heavenly Father. May God bless you.

TawnaMay 21, 2019

I've felt before the power of the hymns to soften hearts (my own included!), and also what the simple faith and love of a child can do, as well. Thank you for sharing this. I am so glad that those hearts were touched; hopefully that feeling was repeated many times in their lives. What a tender miracle.

Shalay GoldMay 21, 2019

This story was so powerful. I have seen what the power of music and most importantly LOVE can do in another's life. It only takes one person to make a difference for others around to change. Thanks so much for the great reminder of this simple yet so powerful principle.

JaneMay 21, 2019

What a beautiful story. Becky Douglas is an extraordinary person who has done remarkable work in India. Bravo, Becky and thank you.

AubreyMay 21, 2019

Such a beautiful story and is a good reminder to treat others with kindness and love. Thank you for sharing!

Laurie WhiteMay 21, 2019

Thank you for this deeply touching article. I have new resolve to "walk with" and "talk with" those who need a hand.

J COLLINS MEEKMay 21, 2019

Yes, walk our talk. What a great message! Bravo to all that made this history-making event in India happen: turning our hearts to the lonely, the rejected, the isolated, the stigmatized. - J Collins Meek, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, May 21, 2019

LarraineMay 21, 2019

This brought tears to my eyes, and self reflections, as well. I can do better. I can be better about giving a kind word and smiling at those I don't know. Thank you so much for sharing. I love this Primary song, and it melts my heart each time I hear it.

Judith NielsonMay 21, 2019

What a beautiful example of Christ like you have created with Rising Star Outreach. From beginning with a small group of faithful women with a dream, you have changed the world! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

Roberta HarrisMay 21, 2019

Another touching and profound article written by Becky Douglas!! Thank you Becky for the reminder to reach out within our own communities. As you have said...if those prominent men in India could actually shake the hands of leprosy affected fellow human beings...everyone of us can do the matter the condition of the ones we should be helping. Becky...your articles are always so beautifully written...thank you!

Richard GarrisonMay 21, 2019

What a wonderful event and touching "result"! Thanks for all the great work your Outreach does!



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