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December 5, 2023

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Cecilia PacquiaoMarch 21, 2019

What a wonderful article to read and ponder. It reminds me of the wonderful feeling and experiences my husband and I had as volunteer tour guides during the open house for the Calgary temple in Alberta Canada. Thank you so much for sharing.

Linda HydeMarch 15, 2019

My husband and I were among the many volunteers, thank you for the shout out! Let me add that there were five couples who are serving missions at the Paris temple, who came for the duration of the open house, while the Paris temple was undergoing work. We couldn't have done it without them! The group was an eclectic mix of Italians, returned missionaries, senior couple missionaries, people with Italian ancestry, people who just felt inspired to come, etc. One of the volunteers, helping put shoe covers on visitors' feet, was an investigator there in Rome. He loved it. And special, special thanks has to go to the guys who managed parking on cold, rainy, windy nights, all by themselves out in the dark! Special thanks also goes to the fine brothers and sisters who managed the whole thing, volunteers all, sometimes under stressful circumstances. Every single one of us would call it a privilege!

Marné NewtonMarch 13, 2019

It was a truly moving experience. I was able to save money and go through the Italy Temple. What struck me the most was I found relatives in the group I was with. Cousins that far away from Montana Utah Idaho. As a widow I find great comfort in temples.

R. Smokey BASSETTMarch 13, 2019

We were with a church group tour when my eternal companion fell very ill in the stake center just prior to the tour, and ended up spending almost two weeks in the Rome American Hospital. The mission president sent three Elders to provide the sacrament and blessings for both of us. But we had come to see the Temple, so the night before our flight home we got a taxi, gave the driver the Temple address, to which he replied he knew the place because he had taken a tour! I was able to take my bride on the tour in a wheelchair. We were both touched by the beauty and special spirit of this historic Temple.

Stan MillerMarch 13, 2019

I feel GREAT peace just reading the article. Thanks for sharing.

Carol DanzMarch 13, 2019

What a gorgeous article! The thought of the Lord's House, endowed with an abundance of His Spirit within it, and showering our fellow brothers and sisters in and out of the Church, gives me chills. If there is any manmade place on the planet where all mankind can find peace, it is there.

bluewaterMarch 13, 2019

THANK YOU for this article--I love hearing these personal stories. I'm excited to read others that you have said will be in forthcoming articles.

MelissaMarch 13, 2019

I share a similar story as Martha Clanton. I took a tour of the Alanta Temple in 2011 before its rededication, and feeling the wonderful peace, and hearing the Spirit speak clearly to me, saying "it's time to come back", led me to return to church after many years of inactivity, and preparing to receive my endowment. And now I serve in our local Temple in Nashville.

LaReta BrinkerhoffMarch 13, 2019

Certainly touched my heart and soul, reading your article. Made me thrilled that the saints and non-members there are blessed to have such a temple and I'm betting they get those feelings outside the temple as well as inside. Thank you for sharing.

Jan KingMarch 13, 2019

What a thrilling article!! I'd like to know if the Pope came through the temple. Was there perhaps a private tour arranged him?

Martha ClantonMarch 13, 2019

A glorious feeling swept through me as I read your article about the Rome Temple open house.. I was transported back to my own experience during the public tour of the Timpanogos Temple. It was there that I promised Heavenly Father I would return to full activity and become worthy to hold a recommend. Several years after my own endowment, I had the chance to go through a session there. The moment I entered the Celestial Room, tears flooded my eyes as I felt embraced by the spirit. I had fulfilled my promise years before, but I truly felt the depths of His love for me as I came back to the place where I had been inspired to fully return to the faith. As I saw that last picture of Christ superimposed on the Rome Temple, I felt a deep camaraderie with the Italian people. The entire nation will be blessed.

Pam WilkinsonMarch 13, 2019

It really touches my heart and my spirit that these hundreds if not thousands of visitors got to feel what we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints feel often when the spirit speaks truth to us.

CW2SADMarch 13, 2019

Bro. and Sis. Proctor; I and my Eternal Companion were sealed in the Swiss Temple almost 40 years ago. I saw the title of this article and opened it in great anticipation for the joys it could hold. One line, the first line, almost made me close it. That line ends with: “but from the public who gets a glimpse inside a temple that they won’t see again.“ My prayer, added to many others who are praying the same, is that everyone who walked those hallowed halls walks there again ... dressed in white. Thank you for writing what you do and providing a place to escape the bad news around us and read the “good news” spreading about the world.



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