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June 15, 2024

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MJSFebruary 6, 2019

Sacrifice began with Adam (see Moses 5:5-9) as a symbol of the great sacrifice which would be made by Jesus Christ. Moses, in leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt had to give them, by God's direction, a law of every particular detail to set the patterns in their lives that were meant to help them understand the principles. The law of Moses was a portion of the law of the gospel; a lawyer would term it as a "lesser-included" portion. It was not separate or different, simply more limited for their capacity at that time because of the effects of bondage on their initiative and deeper comprehension. The instructed sacrifice of Passover was not a strange act to them, in terms of the sacrifice, but in terms of the instructions of what to do at the end of it with the blood and why, given as a symbol and an act of obedience in that moment in time, and it was answered miraculously.

RandyFebruary 4, 2019

When Abraham went to sacrifice Issac and the Lord stopped him as asked him why he was going to sacrifice Issac, Abraham said because the Lord commanded him to. Then the Lord told Abraham that the sacrifice was in similitude of His sacrifice in the future. And this was why animal sacrifices were made during the Law of Moses time. The Law of Moses was the lesser law and was preparing the people for the higher law that Jesus Christ would introduce to the people at His coming.

Lloyd CarterFebruary 4, 2019

Animal sacrifice was instituted with Adam, not Moses, and continued until the Savior came. At that time sacrifice by the shedding of blood was discontinued. The scriptures tell us that we must now have a contrite spirit and a broken heart instead.

Neil DevereauxFebruary 4, 2019

By pointing out the modifications which God has made to His laws, holidays, ordinances and other religious practices, all we are doing is coming to realize the it is the religious practices and God's relationship to His children that He is making adjustments to according to evolving circumstances and conditions. But God himself is not changing. If God has one overarching characteristic it is that He is infinite, omniscient, and all powerful (He can do anything). If this is true, it is also true that His options are also unlimited and He can make use of those unlimited options at any time without ceasing to be the same yesterday, today and forever. It is we, with our limited perspective and abilities, who have problems with understanding the possibilities which a truly unlimited being possesses.

H Alex CromartyFebruary 4, 2019

I thought Moses introduced the Law of Moses regarding animal sacrifice and you are indicating that Adam and Eve on leaving the garden of Eden practiced the sacrifice of animals. Quote from previous page: Adam and Eve did not perform animal sacrifice in the garden of Eden, but were later instructed to do so.



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