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April 4, 2020

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Charles DefranchiDecember 11, 2018

I arrived at BYU from France in 1978 and ended up in the Stake that had Rex Lee as a President. I was impressed with his leadership. Then I would run into him doing his morning joggings. I was impressed when President Reagan called him as Attorney General. Then I was impressed when he would deliver awesome speeches while he was already very ill as BYU President, which I followed on the Internet. I remember President Hinckley on the occasion of his funeral saying something like, "If you Brethren could pattern your lives after his, you would be acceptable in the eyes of the Lord," and I got there another confirmation that he was a Prophet of God, because that's how I exactly felt at the time.

C.M.December 6, 2018

This is for Geoff. I had Hodgkins and am an active member. At the time, I was told that it would be a good idea to have a ward fast. I felt that it wasn't necessary because if it was my time to go, I would go. If it was to remain on the earth, I would stay. I do believe that we have a very loving Father in Heaven who desires to bless his children with the desires of their hearts. I did plead with him that I may live to raise my children if it was his will as I am sure many of my family did. In that process I came to know of his love for me. It allowed me to have faith that whatever was his will I could accept. The prayers were a blessing for me. I came to know my God. It made that hard journey worth it!

PamDecember 6, 2018

Hi Geoff, what a difficult question and one there is no easy answer to. Are prayers answered? Undoubtedly. Are any of us more entitled to answers more than others? We sometimes want to think so but no, there is no entitlement as such. We simply do not always understand why things happen in a certain way. In the end I have learned to stop worrying about other people's prayers and answers. This life is about my own relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I pray and I receive answers, not always, not always the way I expect but at other times I receive amazing and personal answers that leave me in no doubt that Heavenly Father has heard me. But that's personal to me and I believe you need to find your own way of communicating with your Heavenly Father and find out from Him how He will answer your prayers.

LaurieDecember 5, 2018

To GeoffT, I have also wondered similar questions to what you wonder about. Like, would it have happened anyway? I don’t know those answers, so my solution is to just try and trust that God has his plan for all of us (I’m not in a faith crisis at the moment, so I am content to have hope and faith for what I do not know, but I realize that might be irritating to others in a different mindset.) I don’t know what your solution will be, but I wish you well and send encouragement to keeping trying to nurture that desire to believe, one day at a time, one step at a time. I will also share that sometimes I feel to pray by affliction rather than for specific persons. My heart at times feels to offer prayers for those who are mourning, or struggling with illness, or whatever affliction is weighing on my heart and mind. I hope and feel that those prayers are heard. So, perhaps you were prayed for by affliction, if not by name, as maybe others feel drawn to pray sincerely in this way as I sometimes do? Obviously it still doesn’t answer your question and perhaps creates more. I guess I feel that Heavenly Father knows all his children and can bless those I am praying for, even if I don’t know their names. I’m so glad you are in remission.

Mitchel PlattDecember 5, 2018

Mike, what a wonderful memory of your great father. He was a good friend and mentor to me during my law practice. My youngest son is named after him. Thanks for all your fine work in the Senate.

GeoffTDecember 5, 2018

Believe me, this is an absolutely genuine enquiry. I suffered with the same disease as Mike Lee's father - I went through some awful, awful times and some harsh chemo before my illness went into remission. I wasn't then (and am not now) an active member of the Church - I didn't pray and nobody I knew would have thought to pray for me so my question is "Did the prayers make any difference (other than being a comfort to those praying) or would the cure have happened anyway?" I really do want to believe but the issue of "prayers" is turning into a real brick wall for me.

Sharon ChambersDecember 5, 2018

Your Dad was one of my favorite people and I loved your Christmas memory. He was a great man and always so kind. Thank you for sharing this.

Carol AnnDecember 5, 2018

Rex Lee was a great man. So is his son!



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