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October 20, 2019

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Regina KohutekJuly 18, 2018

My grandfather, Fritz, was the 1st branch President in Dusseldorf, Germany at the end of WWII. All who knew him wanted to sit near him in the bomb shelters during the air raids. He was never harmed. He faithfully would go & locate each member family after the bombing raids. My 14 year old father would accompany him on these "locator" forays. They were recipients of Ezra Taft Benson's trip to Europe, bringing food & supplies to the nearly starved members. Their firm testomies were solidified in the horrors of war.

Tom ShawJuly 17, 2018

My mother's family escaped death twice in two weeks as bombs rained down over Birmingham. The family were buried when their terraced home collapsed on a shelter where there were. The place was filling with gas from a fractured main. After a prayer by my 7 year old Aunt rescuers arrived within 10 minutes & all were saved. A few weeks later a bomb hit a relative's home where they were staying. They climbed into the loft & found an unexploded bomb which had wedged itself into the roof frame. The first story was published in the Millenial Star.

John KammeyerJuly 13, 2018

I think the bombers in the photo are Lancasters, which were British, and very unlikely to be bombing London.

K. WildeJuly 11, 2018

I think the point of Nephi’s scripture is that when people make covenants and keep them faithfully, then there is a natural protection afforded them in times of trouble should the Lord will it. The Lord loves all of us the same, covenant keeping makes it easier to protect us for His own purposes. Many faithful and righteous people of other faiths were also protected as they exercised faith in their times of crisis as well. The Lord is no respecter of persons.

Lisa corcoranJuly 11, 2018

It has to do with faith. Not with who God loves the most. Faith can move mountains. 5P

RasojorJuly 11, 2018

Maybe some non members will be offended but many non members who also prayed and invoke divine protection lived and have similar testimonies. I think the article meant to show that the faith and prayers of the lds members then brought about the protection they asked for that none of them lost their lives.

Mary Ann FarleyJuly 11, 2018

I think the article helps us to day to know that if we are living our convents we can be protected. We have hard times a head of us and all need to know how the Lord works for his Saints. These stories help build our faith.. We should never be afraid to share the miracles that happen to good Saints because we are afraid we will offend someone. Keep up with the good stories they help me remember how the Lord works miracles.

Ian FosterJuly 11, 2018

I lived in grater London throughout the Battle of Britain and saw many bombed buildings. My father stood fire watch in the City near Liverpool Street Station wil buildings burning all around him but we remained safe. We were not members at that time. This was to come in 1959. Enjoyed your article however, the pictur of panes is incorrect as Germany do not have any 4 engined bombers this was one of their big mistakes thankfully. Would love to hear the experiences of German members after the bombing of their Cities. Ian Foster Colchester England

Herm OlsenJuly 11, 2018

The notion behind this article is troubling - that the Lord protected members of the Church, but somehow didn’t love the non-members as much. So the non-members died, and the members had a cone of protection around them. If I were a non-member reading this, I’d be rather offended.



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