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May 26, 2020

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Myrna LApril 12, 2018

I was so impressed with this movie ! I was not there to be thrilled or entertained. The movie makers tell you ahead of time, that this is not a child's movie. James Caviezel's portrayal of Luke gave us every chance to see his humanity, and compassion. We even felt his human frailty, as he experienced coming to Christ, measured steps at a time. The expression of love and compassion was totally believable as he spoke to the children and other Christians, before the games. There were so many powerful moments. Yes, there were dark ones, yes, life was very dark for them. I was impressed that such difficult subjects were handled as well as they were. Kindly done, with Christ as the focus. Perhaps we can see past the limits of 'movie' mantras, and feel the intended messages for our hearts.

Jim KindredApril 12, 2018

Unbelievably disappointed in this movie! They missed a great opportunity to tell a great story, instead they played up the physical pain and misery minimizing the spiritual aspects of Paul's life



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