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October 6, 2022

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Simone MariniJuly 5, 2018

As for the rating, here is a link of great war movies with PG-13 rating: Accuracy? Yes, better be accurate. Anti mormon will be so picky of every think they can find. Just look what they said about God of Egypt. If it come out, I hope it get internationally translated (Italy!)

David HallSeptember 6, 2017

Am I getting that right, that Southam intends to use a North American setting for the movie? That is such a waste - to take a great idea and then tie it to this bogus, discredited Heartland Book of Mormon theory. I might have been disposed to contribute but just lost all interest.

Michael L.September 6, 2017

To all backers of this movie: Be prepared to "kiss your donation/investment goodbye." A war movie? Will it be R-rated? Will there be blood? No blood? Of course not; wars are "bloodless." It will be "LDS--flavored" to attract fans of the book. Will there be gruesome injuries (ala "Saving Private Ryan")? Will it appeal to non-LDS audiences? I won't hold my breath.

Mary HolmesSeptember 5, 2017

Pamela Dodds - Rod Meldrum is NOT a researcher. He's a dentist. And he has been banned from speaking in Church buildings about his made up theory. The Church issued a press release refuting his "DNA evidence." When the Church has to come out and say that what you're teaching as fact is not actually a fact, it's time to let go of your pet, fake theory. I'm with Clay - this movie is taking place in the wrong spot. Southam should have consulted actual professors and scholars instead of being taken in as he was. Southam full intends to film as is, setting it in North America with the Nephites wearing a combination of Egyptian and Roman armor.

PabloSeptember 5, 2017

I see that is a great project and a marvelous opportunity to share de gospel in a great history like the reing of judges. I am from Argentina, maybe you can do a medium to translate or to give me a link to do a donation in spanish. I can share it in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay and Spain. So you can contact me in my mail [email protected] I will thank you with this great opportunity

ClaySeptember 4, 2017

I agree 100% with Michael. Realism is the key. Spend a time with Book of Mormon scholars such as Brant Gardener, and archaeologist like John Clark and Richard Hansen. The Heartland DNA material is bogus, look at the church essay in DNA and the Book of Mormon as a starter.

Pamela DoddsSeptember 3, 2017

Please make it in the United States which is the Promised Land according to the new DNA research which has been done. Check with Rod Meldrum before you make it. (He's a Mormon researcher.)

SwiftSeptember 2, 2017

I'd love to support this project, but based on the current art, I can't. It's being set in the wrong place with the wrong armor, wrong weapons and wrong skin colors. If we're going to be "anxiously engaged" in a good cause, shouldn't we also be striving for accuracy? It just makes us look stupid to the rest of the world when we introduce such anachronisms into a supposedly historical movie.

SteveSeptember 2, 2017

If you want to help get this movie made, donate to the kickstarter campaign. I did, here's the link: If it isn't funded by 9/14/17 ($150K min.) it won't get made.

SerenitySeptember 2, 2017

I am so excited and completely trust Darin Southam and his creative team! His passion and love for this story is going to shine, hopefully all the work he has put in will be recognized. The purpose of this story is to inspire liberty and freedom in the hearts of those who see it and I am beyond excited to see that passion he has shared for this project, spread To the world.

Logan GardnerSeptember 1, 2017

This story, regardless of personal belief in the Book of Mormon, is epic. Just today I read the words of captain Moroni as he calls his people to arms in defense of their wives and their children, and the power of those words burned within me. Today we need more stories of heroes like captain Moroni than ever before. Make this movie happen! From Alma 43 44-45.: "[the lamanites] did fight like dragons, and many of the Nephites were slain by their hands, yea, for they did smite in two many of their head-plates, and they did pierce many of their breastplates, and they did smite off many of their arms; and thus the Lamanites did smite in their fierce anger. Nevertheless, the Nephites were inspired by a better cause, for they were not fighting for monarchy nor power but they were fighting for their homes and their liberties, their wives and their children, and their all, yea, for their rites of worship and their church."

AndrewKSeptember 1, 2017

This is one of those times where we need to be "anxiously engaged in a good cause of your own free will." The church can't justify spending money on things like this but individuals can. Time to step up.

SarahSeptember 1, 2017

I can't wait! Totally pledged!

Mason EyreSeptember 1, 2017

Super stoked for this movie. I've always said that someone HAS to make a legitimate Book of Mormon movie in my lifetime. I believe this is our one chance.

Lisa ESeptember 1, 2017

This will be an amazing project and I am excited to see it come to life !

Cynthia PeelSeptember 1, 2017

I really want to see this movie made!!!

Jessica PinkstoneSeptember 1, 2017

Awesome!! This will be an epic movie and I hope it gets all the funding it needs to get off the ground!!

CarrieSeptember 1, 2017

They are half way in making their starter goal in pledges! :D Only 13 days left! I really hope this gets made! It will be the best trilogy of all time! I can just feel it! Share this article and visit the kick starter link! :)

NickSeptember 1, 2017

This is awesome! I hope and pray that this succeeds. Let's get the word out!

BradSeptember 1, 2017

I happily backed this project. I for one am ready for more movies that represent me. We can't complain about Hollywood not making movies that we relate to and have our values, unless we are going to put our money where our mouths are and help make it happen. The dollar is still king, and if people see that there is a market, they will make it.

Tyler HamelwrightSeptember 1, 2017

It would be incredible to see this movie done correctly. I think this is the right approach and I'm excited to see what happens.

Donald G. LuskoSeptember 1, 2017

SO excited for this production!

JenSeptember 1, 2017

Yes!!! This movie NEEDS to get made!!! Let's make it happen on the big screen!

TuraSeptember 1, 2017

It’d be nice to see that

EmilySeptember 1, 2017

Really rooting for this movie!

ChelseaSeptember 1, 2017

Sweet! Pledged my husband for the be an extra! This would be such an amazing movie

D ScottSeptember 1, 2017


Kadin MercerSeptember 1, 2017

I believe in freedom and this great movie to watch.

Kadin MercerSeptember 1, 2017

I believe in freedom. This will be a great movie to watch and is needed at our time. We need heroes such as Captain Moroni to help us what we need best to do to fight for our families, freedom and our country.

RyanSeptember 1, 2017

So excited for this, I only wish I had the ability to drop some major coin on this project. I have donated what my budget will allow and I'm hoping we can get a big hitter (I know you're out there ) to step up and make the million dollar version happen! Truly a worthy cause, it will flood the Book of Mormon to people who might never have paid any interest and the message of this film is desperately needed today.

Bobbi G.September 1, 2017

I pledged and can't wait to see this epic story on the big screen!

Michael FryeSeptember 1, 2017

I am excited to see another effort to produce an epic film from the events in the Book of Mormon, but I am skeptical it will be any more successful than The Book of Mormon Movie directed by Gary Rogers – UNLESS MAJOR EMPHASIS IS GIVEN TO REALISM. You write that the movie “…won’t get made without our help.” I accept that as an invitation inviting my comments. The story line will take care of itself; it stands on its own and no artistic license is necessary to change the story. HOWEVER, my hope and plea is that before Darin Southam spends a dime on his production he will review such great classis as Carl Th. Dreyer’s 1928 silent film, The Passion of Joan of Arc; Roland Joffe’s The Mission; Wolfgang Pertersen's movie, Das Boot; Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto; and David Batty’s 2014 production of The Gospel of John. In fact, he should find and hire as many of the original cast members from Apocalypto as may be available. I have a few additional suggestions. • Shoot on location as much as possible. • Don’t cast Captain Moroni as a fair skinned, blond Scandinavian. In fact, don’t caste any blonds or light skinned people at all. Find an actor who could pass for a late age Old Testament middle-eastern Semite. • Keep clothing consistent with the culture and climate. The humidity and heat in the lower plains is stifling hot and humid while in the higher elevations a serape or heavier clothing would be necessary. • Keep the actors filthy dirty! I don’t know if the Book of Mormon peoples of the time had beards, but if they did, then portray them, or at least some with beards and long hair, not as though they just came from the barber shop. • On this same note, don’t portray everyone as handsome. (That should save an the cost of actors as well). Review David Batty’s movie The Gospel of St. John if you care to know what I mean. • If you want realism, do not look at the western movies from the 40’s and 50’s where the cowboys never lost their hats in a fist fight or ran out of bullets. • Be careful portraying horses. I believe horses were existent because Nephi found them in the promised land but there is no reference to anyone riding horses in the Book of Mormon. Captain Moroni may look majestic on his valiant steed, but it may not fit the time. Nephi certainly knew what a horse was and his family may have even brought some with them on the boat; but, their portrayal should still be used with caution. Granted, Ammon prepares the kings horses and chariots but this could have an entirely different meaning than we envision from an epic Ben Hur chariot scene. • Portray actual tools, implements, weapons, clothing, etc. as known from archaeology. I would not expect to find a Roman helmet among the Nephites, and swords may not be anything like what we are familiar. • You promise, “This will not be some low-budget production that Latter-day Saints need be embarrassed by. Southam and his crew have contracted with the team that created props and armor for Wonder Woman and Gladiator to create a high-quality realism.” Well… strike wonder woman as she was fantasy; the Book of Mormon is not. Gladiator was a great movie and the props more realistic than many movies portraying that era (I wasn’t there, of course), but it still needed more realism as in Das Boot. My career navy father said the portrayal of the sub was the most realistic he had seen on screen, unlike the pristine, roomy submarines like that piloted by John Wayne. If Darin Southam can’t make the movie appear to fit the time and location, then don’t waste your money and our time with making the movie. Let’s see a classic Book of Mormon movie that will appeal to everyone, not just Latter-Day Saints.



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