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May 30, 2023

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LKSeptember 8, 2017

I know I am a little late to this discussion, but it occurred to me that the sister might be trying to keep her son from discussing her behavior with the rest of the family, which can only be done if he doesn't talk to them. This is similar to an abusive partner will isolating the spouse.

vickieSeptember 2, 2017

this sounded strange to me....the story ...why one sister who has a son would tell the other sister something that to me sounds strange...and that if she talks to her son then they have no relationship...then the next day is totally the seems that there are reasons...the sister with the son has a problem....she is either jealous of the relationship her sister has with her son....or something is wrong with her mentally....never know....but that was great advice....from brother steuer....great...

JeanSeptember 1, 2017

This is some of the most interesting advice I've read on dealing with relationships that are difficult. I loved what was said about the prophet. I had never heard how he handled the hard times in his life but I'm very impressed with his humility. Thank you for helping us all learn more about others and ourselves. Great advice!

GTOSeptember 1, 2017

My mother had narcissistic personality disorder. She created her own realities and could change them in a heartbeat. There was absolutely no way you could bring her around to reality if she didn't want to go. She had us off-balance all the time. Her behaviour was extremely destructive for all family members. It could be possible that the manipulative sister in this family will always be beyond participating in a balanced relationship, and that her truth will never match reality. You somehow have to find your own way and choose your battles and which fallout you will be able to endure.

CarolineSeptember 1, 2017

P.S. I've been pondering this great article all morning and want to add that a very essential element of this is to follow the Prophet's counsel and look deep inside. I've know people who have just eliminated "toxic" people from their lives without ever acknowledging their own weaknesses or need for change. Thank you, Geoff, for articulating this so well.

CarolineSeptember 1, 2017

Excellent, excellent, advice ( as always) from Brother Steurer. It validates something I feel the Lord has taught me recently concerning a troubled soul in my life whose drama was tearing me apart. The Savior truly is our advocate with the Father and with with one another.



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