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July 2, 2022

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SarahJuly 20, 2017

3 nephi says the crucification happened at the beginning of the year and his appearance at THE END ( chap 10) so they had nearly a year to repent. Re build..get crops for the food that was needed etc For the hoards. We know the first night word spread and more came to hear the next day..not just the 2500 So they were probably admiring all the work they had achieved...when they saw him It didn't just happen after he died. It was months later.

Charles DeWittJuly 19, 2017

Great article. The infographic need to have "if we repent" removed.

Dan LoweJuly 19, 2017

The bitter cup was played out in the moments before the crucifying event when given vinegar to drink or torment his thirst in his mouth. In a real physical demonstration of the symbol of that which he did in Gethsemane and would do on the cross. All for mankind and in demonstrating his doing of the will of the father in ALL things.



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