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September 23, 2020

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Herm OlsenJune 7, 2017

Are these the 'family values' of sleeping around with dozens of women - many while still married? Or the 'family values' of groping women and bragging about getting away with it because of who he is? Or the family values of cutting meals on wheels for seniors, education funding for our children, and denying insurance for millions? Just how are we defining 'family values' these days?

AngelaJune 7, 2017

You cannot transform Donald Trump into the champion of family values. The way in which he treated his first and second wives screams too loudly. He was an adulterer. He cheated with his second wife while married to his first. He married his second wife after the birth of their child. He then divorced her. He bragged about sexually assaulting women. He bragged about having sex with married women. He objectifies women. What part of any of this supports family values or the concerns of Christians? Unfortunately VP Pence is in a terrible place, but one he knowingly chose. He is trying to push back facts with rhetoric. Too bad the facts keep popping back up again.



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