January 27, 2021

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Marie BarnhurstMay 20, 2017

Thank you so much for these articles about the Temple in Paris! I am not French, but have had a love for the country and its people all my life. I could feel the Spirit as I read the comments from the people who attended the open house. The Gospel is true, and it will now spread forth to these good people.

DorisMay 19, 2017

I have absolutely loved these articles. Thank you Proctors!

Steve BourneMay 19, 2017

Between 1965-1968, I was a missionary in the Franco-Belgian Mission (which does not exist anymore). While spending three weeks recently in Paris, I was able to tour the Mormon Temple recently built near Versailles before the dedication. Such magnificence!! Now the members of the Church in France and other countries will have their special place to perform special ordinances! Enfin!

Charles E. MartinMay 19, 2017

As a former resident of Paris, I am delighted to hear of the new temple. I wish all people who will be entering the building, feel the blessing.



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