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October 26, 2021

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DaneApril 7, 2017

Michael Neuhauser, the title contains superlative because it is from a James Madison quotation cited in the article.

Michael NeuhauserApril 2, 2017

"Our Most Sacred Property at Risk". I feel urged to say that I disagree with the use of the superlative in this context. Thank you for your understanding.

PopsApril 2, 2017

Of course there are at least two ways to interpret the phrase "Christian nation." The benign interpretation is that the plurality, or even the majority, of the founders and people were, and are, Christian, and does not imply that non-Christians or even the irreligious are not welcome or not entitled to the same rights, nor that Christians are entitled to "special" rights.

DonMarch 27, 2017

I run into many people who claim that this nation is a Christian nation. George Washington wrote a letter to the members of the Touro Synagogue guaranteeing that they could have the freedom to meet. I lave it to each of you who have an interest to google George washington letter to Touro Synagogue for details.

TONY ARKELLMarch 27, 2017

As a citizen of Great Britain the Constitution does not affect me but religious freedom does.Can I please quote an unknown writer who said, The human frailty of running to extremes in thought and action finds few more glaring examples than are presented in mans dealings with his fellows on religious matters.On the one hand he is prone to regard the faith of others as not merely inferior to his own but as utterly unworthy of respect. Freedom to worship or to refuse to worship IS A GOD GIVEN RIGHT,and every soul must abide by the result of his or her choice.The capitals are mine.They are there to reinforce the particular article in the Constitution about freedom of religion. Thank you letting me,an outsider say something that will not alter the argument but with the unknown writers piece I hope that more thought can be given to the perspective of what you are arguing about.



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