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August 9, 2020

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John v KMarch 10, 2017

Target stock has gone back to the norm. Target also does not have gender neutral bathrooms. Even so, except in the men's room where their are urinals, all the commodes are in private stalls. The biggest problem is the homophobia expressed in anti-target actions. Target treats its employees far better than any other competitor - Kmart, walmart, etc.

JewelfoxMarch 7, 2017

NDudley, I just want to be able to use public restrooms without people staring at me and trying to imagine what I look like while doing so. That's why I'm glad that places like Target let me do that. No one ever said I was allowed to abuse anyone. I just don't want people peeking in my stall to try to find out if I'm a "creep" or not, while not realizing what that word means.

DeborahMarch 3, 2017

I haven't stepped foot in Target since the policy announcement either. Now it's time to boycott Disney Studios for putting Gay LaFou in there.

NDudleyMarch 3, 2017

Although I didn't shop there much before the policy change I stopped all together after the change. I am glad to hear they are losing business. They are trying to ruin our basic human rights to privacy.

Reed WahlquistMarch 2, 2017

In case you haven't noticed, the new Payson LDS Temple has at least two unisex bathrooms.

JewelfoxMarch 2, 2017

I caused a lot of double-takes, turned heads, and one child exclaiming "who she, daddy?" while washing his hands, back when I didn't feel safe enough yet to use the restroom matching my eternal gender. I don't think the people I startled want me going back to the men's room, at Target or anyplace else. I also don't think being transgender is an accepted legal defence against charges of sexual abuse or voyeurism, the way being a college football player is.

HalMarch 2, 2017

I stopped shopping at Target when they no longer allowed the Salvation Army to set up a donation stand with a bell ringer. That was some years ago. Target showed their true colors long ago and I'm glad they haven't been the recipient of any of my cash.

RebeccaMarch 2, 2017

Ever since the announcement of gender free bath & dressing rooms - I have not shopped there. And I will not until that policy is reversed (perhaps not even then). Sent them an email & called to let them know my decision - to which they pretty much dismissed my opinion as "not important". Wondered what the fallout would be - thanks for letting me know!

BeatriceMarch 1, 2017

I used to work for Target and I'm glad I don't anymore. I haven't shopped there since they adopted the policy of use of their bathrooms by any sex.

hollandparkMarch 1, 2017

My Target has been a ghost town ever since all this nonsense started. Hard not to smile at the sweet poetic justice.

JustinMarch 1, 2017

My wife and I haven't shopped there since they made the announcement. We have no plans of going back.

ajMarch 1, 2017

As one of the consumers that hasn't spent a dime there since their policy announcement, I was wondering how things were panning out. Thanks for the report.



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