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October 20, 2019

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Alec AndrusJanuary 6, 2017

I played for the Y my freshman year in 1961 and had a wonderful experience. I announced my intent to serve a mission and was given the cold shoulder even by my home teacher (I was a Provo boy) Eddie Kimball who was a trainer with the football team. He told me that if I went, I was done in football. When I returned from England 40 pounds lighter and not in great shape, the cold shoulder was an icy barrier so I just graduated in a year and a half and went on with my life. Shortly after leaving the Y, I was drafted in the Army and during basic put back on the 40 lbs of muscle. I watched with delight as Coach Edwards changed the misguided "policy" of turning away RMs. We didn't come back weaker, we came back smarter, stronger where it counts and ready to play with a loyalty that was remarkable. Coach Edwards, bless him, saw that.



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