Mark Albright is the president of the Washington DC South mission and shares these missionary stories with Meridian Magazine. 

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Elder Garlick


Dear President Albright,

A huge snow storm moved in over North Virginia leaving tons of snow everywhere.  I think about two feet of snow fell in that historic storm.  People had only two choices, and that was either to stay inside and hope for it to stop snowing, or they could start digging out their cars from underneath loads of snow.  

That afternoon Elder Perkins, Elder Henrie, Elder Barraza, Elder Kirkham and I went out to help people remove the snow from on top of and around their cars.  We also hoped to find someone to teach in all of our areas.  After many hours of helping numerous people stuck in the snow that day, we were all wet, cold and hungry.

We eventually decided to drive home for dinner and dry off.  We loaded up the car with our shovels and headed for our apartment.  Within minutes we passed a lady who stood barely 5 feet tall trying to remove snow around her car all by herself. We were so exhausted that we just drove by her without stopping.  

Suddenly we all felt the spirit testify to us that we needed to stop, and go back and help now. So we did!  We turned around and stopped in front of her home.  All five of us got out and we started shoveling and talking to her.


From left to right: Elder Perkins, Elder Garlick, Lita Lubay, Elder Barazza, and Elder Henrie, and 26″ of snow!


She relayed her story to us about her spiritual experience earlier that same day.  Lita is in her 50s and is Catholic.  She is from the Philippines and she has three daughters whom she helps support by working two jobs so that they can attend college.  

She had been suffering from depression and was wondering whether God was really there and if he knew about her needs.  As she was thinking about all the crazy things happening in her life she stumbled upon a picture of her deceased nephew (who was LDS), who had died in a terrible accident leaving behind his three kids and wife.  She had always admired his faith in God.  If he believed, maybe she could too.  So she prayed and asked for help in her life.

Following her plea to know if God existed and if he could help her, she dressed in her warmest snow clothes and went out to remove the snow off her car and driveway so she could go to work. After being outside for less than five minutes, our car load of missionaries drove up to her house with shovels all ready to help her physically with her car and spiritually to help answer her questions.  

Following that first day we continued to meet with Lita and teach her all the gospel lessons.   It was one of the highlights of my mission to see her enter the waters of baptism.  She now has a strong testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ.  It changed her life in many ways to know that God did love and care about her.   I am so glad we followed the promptings of the Spirit to turn around and go shovel the snow off her driveway!

Much Love,

Elder Garlick


Elder Garlick, Lita Lubay, and Elder Brinkley