What Manner of Man:

By Linda and Richard Eyre

Note: Each week this column provides a short essay on one particular aspect or facet of the Lord’s personality and character.  It is intended that the reader focus on this facet while partaking of the sacrament this Sunday.  (Click here to read full introductory column.). Review previous columns by going to the What Manner of Man Archives

We are so blessed to know of the pre-earth life where there was one spirit, the firstborn spirit of the Father, who was “more intelligent than they all.” Some theologians interpret this to mean that Christ was (and is) more intelligent that all the others – more intelligent than the combined intelligence of all the rest of God’s children.

This one great Being understood the nature of us, his brothers and sisters, so well, and he understood the mind and will of his Father so well, that he was able to be the pre-mortal advocate of the Father’s great plan of agency, choice, and atonement.

Further, his intelligence was (and is) supreme, so that he was (and is) able to implement that plan.

Still further, his intelligence is complete, so that it literally lights the world, penetrating with its brightness the depths of earth and opening men’s minds to scientific discovery, to artistic sense, to spiritual truth.

Even the world’s secular history demonstrates the light of Christ and reveals the particular periods when his light was accepted by man in its greatest abundance. Because of the seeking nature of men, the door of the Dark Ages was opened a crack, and rays of light poured forth and sparked the mind-opening periods of Renaissance and Reformation. Then, as truth and insight were restored, the door was flung wide, and we entered a period that represents only three percent of mankind’s history yet contains perhaps 97 percent of his inventions and discoveries.

Christ’s intelligence lights the world. It was and is the source of man’s clearest insights. It was gained by our Savior through an eternity of excellence, and he now uses that intelligence to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of you and me.

Next week we will contemplate the light of truth that Christ brought (and is) to the earth.


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