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An author’s name is splashed across the cover of a book for all to see. Yet behind the scenes, creating the design that makes that cover sing is a graphic designer whose name you might never know.

For those of us who are LDS book lovers, our shelves and coffee tables are filled with the design work and sensibilities of Scott Eggers, who has created more than 60 LDS book covers. He is simply the best in the business.

Each book design is his brain child, his inspiration, his unique encounter with creative inner impulse, and, he says, he couldn’t do it without the Spirit.

“There is no question,” he said, “that creativity is spirituality. It is just being sensitive to the Spirit. I know there are those who define if differently, but usually very spiritually sensitive people are very creative people.

“Any good designer has to be very sensitive to promptings and feelings. I don’t know completely how the design happens. You look for repetitions and symbols in the project you are working on, and then expand it into a visual vocabulary.

One of Scott’s most stunning experiences happened a year and a half ago in mid June. He received an email from a friend at Deseret Book indicating that he was looking forward to their meeting in two hours when Scott would be showing the cover designs for the new Joseph Smith Papers project to the Church committee.

Scott was completely taken aback. He had emailed his friend earlier asking what the purpose of the meeting was. He had no idea it was a meeting to see his cover designs.


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