Neville Chamberlain Visits BYU
By Gary C. Lawrence

A few days ago, Zbigniew Brzezinski addressed a BYU forum and said that if Iran obtains nuclear weapons, it won’t be the end of the world.  Warming to his smarming, he said, according to the Deseret News, “Use of force (against Iran) is as much of a disaster as Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.” 


If Mr. Brzezinski were a public official when Hitler demanded the Sudetenland in the infamous 1938 Munich conference, would he have said, “Use of force to stop Hitler would be as much of a disaster as Germany acquiring the power to conquer all of its neighbors”?  Would he have advised that it’s best not to confront that nascent evil because it would drive the Germans toward national unity?   

With such brilliant thinking about the realities of the world from his national security adviser, no wonder Jimmy Carter had such a squishy foreign policy.

Under Brzezinski’s reasoning, use of force to stop tyrants is a disaster equal to those tyrants becoming capable of carrying out their designs.  Unbelievably twisted logic. 

Zbig defended his do-nothing-but-talk approach to foreign threats by saying that even if Iran became a nuclear power, we could come to an accommodation with them as we did with Stalin and Mao.  Talk about false equivalents.  What he overlooks is that Stalin and Mao were atheists for whom this life was everything.  They wanted to live.  They could, therefore, be deterred from using their nukes if they thought they faced assured destruction. 

Not so with the nutcake mullahs in Tehran.  They believe their afterlife will be all the more pleasurable if they die as martyrs fighting the infidels (that includes you, my fellow Mormons).  Tack on their belief that a nuclear holocaust would accelerate the return of the 12th Imam and you can kiss goodbye the doctrine of retaliatory deterrence.  Only pre-emptive deterrence works with such people. 

As for Brzezinski . did he have a black umbrella with him in Provo?

* * *


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