Women sometimes open up in Relief Society, and share their innermost hopes, trials, and fears. We rally, we connect, and we build testimonies in there, as sisters rush to comfort and uplift one another. Its actually pretty magical.

And I imagine many of the feelings are shared by LDS men as well. Over the years Ive heard sisters admit to feelings of worthlessnessthey focus on regrets and disappointments, and then question their value. Its common to all humans, to question our worth when we get beaten down by the trials of life. We lose loved ones, we suffer financial setbacks, our health declines, friends betray usits easy to listen to Satans whisperings that we have no purpose in life, everything weve tried has failed, were never going to be happy.

And, certainly, the adversary is adept at mounting up the evidence. If he can swing us over to the self-pity camp, he can lead us through a virtual museum of misery. He then convinces us things will never improve because no one cares and we dont deserve joy, anyhow.

Discouragement looks like a wimpy tool because its so prevalent, and hits us so frequently, even in the course of one day. But discouragement is one of Satans most insidious, powerful tools. Like an invisible gas you inhale, its inside you before you even realize it was present. And if he can get us to breathe enough of it, he might have us for keeps.

Today I want to offer just one idea, not a sweeping list of ways to avoid discouragement or how to believe in your talents again: Its the very fact that he wants you. If you truly had no worth, no value, Satan would pass you by. But you are a prize trophy. He has designs on you because you represent a gigantic victory.

When Satan vowed to possess our bodies he was dead serious. He wants us to lose all hope, give up, and forever wallow in despair. And he does it one little molecule at a time. But he doesnt look at any of Gods children and say, “Well, that ones worthless so we wont focus on him.” Are you kidding? He knows full well the value of every single person, and sets snares and lures for each and every one. And, unlike many a fisherman, Satan doesnt throw anyone back.

So if Satan knows were priceless treasures, how can we not know it? Doesnt his relentless attention tell you how valuable you are? It should. Our potential is beyond our dreams. But Satan didnt have the veil of mortality drawn over his eyes, so he knows exactly what hes trying to interruptyour very exaltation.  

Next time youre tempted to believe his discouraging lies, his message that you have no value, see the irony in it. If it were true, hed leave you alone.

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