Review of “I am Strong! I am Smart” by Fay Klinger

StrongThe bond between children and their grandparents is a special one and award winning author Fay A. Klinger has written an endearing story reinforcing the importance of this relationship.

Poignant and tender, the story revolves around Luisa May and her grandmother and the strength and support they are to each other as they each face trials in their lives.

When Luisa starts getting bullied at school, it’s her grandmother who provides a way to help her know how valuable she is-no matter what others say or how much she doubts her own self worth. With love and understanding her grandmother is there to listen and encourage Luisa and help her face her challenges. When the tables turn and Grandma has to go to the hospital, it’s Lu’s turn to help her see how valuable she is and help Grandma recover. Through the bond they’ve built, Luisa is able to lift her grandmother and help her in a way no one else can.

Beautifully illustrated, I Am Strong! I Am Smart! offers a heartfelt message and enjoyable read for girls of all ages.