For years, when teaching parents about setting up a family economy in their homes, I have taught them that there is a difference between a right and a privilege. I have explained that rights should not be taken away or used as negative consequences, but privileges could be modified to teach children cause and effect; which is an essential lesson for learning self-government.

After years of foster care and working with troubled teens, the state, and families I came to the conclusion that there were four rights according to the US government, and one right that I considered an inalienable right.

The government will take children from homes if the child isn’t given: adequate shelter, a bed, clothing, and three meals each day. These are the four rights of children that were explained to me when I started doing foster care in 1998.

Never did the foster care agency say anything about the inalienable right that children are born with: the right to receive love and nurture from parents.

From the beginning of time parents have known that God divinely set up the role of parents in order to train, nurture, love and rear children into adulthood. Child-raising has been done by parents, and has been the responsibility of parents…until now.

Big Changes For Scotland

This past week the parliament in Scotland fully adopted the UN CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child) treaty which gives children the right to things such as relaxation and play, to join any group they choose, the right to media of all kinds, the right to public education, and the right to question the religion of their parents, etc. The children are to be taught about their rights and adults are to respect them and not question.

These child ‘rights’ have been adopted in multiple countries since the treaty was signed, but not every country has taken full responsibility like Scotland has. They have decided to assign a caseworker to each Scottish child at birth to see that the child gets its rights throughout its childhood. This means that Scottish families will end up having more than two parents. Now they will have government/parents too.

Luckily the CRC has not been ratified in the United States yet.

What Does This Mean For Families?

This type of micro-management of the citizenry of Scotland is not proper use of governmental power. Not only is it going to be a financial nightmare, it will likely undermine the rich fabric of their culture and society.

I went with my family to Scotland this past year to talk to parents about teaching their children self-government principles. I saw very motivated parents who were working hard to keep their culture and families strong.

This new list of child ‘rights’ by the UN actually prescribes a cultural shift for the nations who adopt it. No longer do parents get to decide what is best for children, they have to follow what the government mandates for children instead. But, even larger than that, the basic unit of society has always been the family. Fathers and mothers have always been the authority for the raising of their children. Children always trusted Mom and Dad more than anyone else for direction, protection, truth, and teaching. What will happen to society when parents are watched and micro-managed by the government child workers and schools? Not to mention, where are they going to get that many workers? Anyone who has worked in foster care, as I have, knows that caseworkers are always over worked, under paid and too few in number for the required work load.

What will happen to the children? Well, it seems to me that children around the world, even in Scotland, are already struggling to respect and obey their parents because of the social pressure to pull away from home and family life and gravitate toward pop culture and media. If they have a worker who looks over their parent’s shoulders and advocates for them against the wishes of their parents, the child will have been taught that parents don’t need to be respected at all. They will determine that parents don’t know much and can’t be trusted for the truth. They will also feel in control of their parents because of the ‘rights’ they are entitled to. Yes, they will likely feel very entitled, which is really just a fancy word for selfish.

An interesting thought: According to Frederic Bastiat’s essay The Law, once a government organization is created, their first priority is to make sure that they keep their organization in business. This means creating proof that they are important. In this case, workers could be on witch-hunts to prove their jobs are important. The second priority of government organizations is to set out to do what they were created for.

What Can We Do?

There are multiple things we can do to combat this social agenda to dismantle the family.

First, watch what is happening in your states and countries. Make sure your lawmakers know your opinions on these matters.

Second, strengthen home and family. Our home cultures need to be stronger than the social culture. Social culture is selfish and is controlled by money and power. Only home cultures are led by virtue and principles now days. Social culture pleases the desires of the masses and focuses on fitting in, but family culture, historically, has focused on teaching truth.

Our children need to be infused with truth and strength. One of the greatest strengths we can give our children is a vision of what a family is supposed to be like. We must not turn over our sacred duties to government objectives. What we do in our homes, in the business of raising children, needs to be done deliberately. We need to be calm, be structured, be wise, and be centered on truth.

Likewise, our children need to be nurtured in the ways of greatness.

  Nurture is really an all-encompassing word for all that is required to teach, correct, love and rear a child. We need to focus more on who our children are to become in God’s eyes than on who they are to become in society’s eyes.

Third, empower parents to take responsibility. We all know parents who are struggling to raise their children. Don’t criticize them and judge them. Lift them, and befriend them. Take time to give them a vision of the great work they are doing. Show them their greatness by valuing and supporting them. One wise person is more powerful to a community than a whole army of controllers.

As parents are empowered by you and loved by you, they will step up and lead their families better. The better parents are leading their children, the less proof our government will have for implementing a program like this that is meant to control the masses; more specifically to control the minds of the children and actions of the parents.

As a long time studier of heart modification and behavior modification and teacher of self-government, I see this new UN agenda to give the children ‘rights’ as a way to really steal their hearts and control parental behaviors. The greatest thing we can do to combat and prepare for this is to teach our children self-government skills and principles so that their hearts will remain pure and their families will be strong.

Parents Are Inalienable Rights

Even if no one talks about it now, the only real right any child has is the right to be loved and nurtured by parents. This right is God given, self-evident and inalienable. By giving children the UN CRC ‘rights,’ the countries of the world could unknowingly be taking away this one inalienable right that all children are born with.

My prayers are with the families of Scotland. These are interesting times….

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