MongoliaDear President,

 My 6 siblings and both of my parents were baptized in 10 March 2001, in Mongolia.  Our entire family was converted by reading just a single verse of scripture from the Book of Mormon that the missionaries were able to translate for us onto a piece of scrap paper.  The Book of Mormon was still several years from being translated into our language.  We did not speak or read English.  We prayed and knew that the Book we could not read was true.  Since then my mother Narantuya has served as in the presidency of the primary, relief society and young women.  My father Battulga has served as a leader and teacher in my branch.  My older sister Ankhtuya served as young woman president and branch missionary. She is now married has 2 daughters named Angel and Anjela. Her husband Bayrtogtokh was baptized 3 years ago.  I served my mission in America.  I am now married to Tsolmon; he is a returned missionary who served his mission in the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission. We have a daughter named Sorkhugtani, who is now 5 months old.  I am so grateful for the two missionaries who brought us this wonderful blessing in my life.  My three youngest siblings are now preparing to serve their missions shortly. 

My mother told me when I returned from my mission that before we heard about this gospel she knew there was missing something in her life.  She was always looking and searching for the truth in religion.  She didn’t know what was missing until she met the LDS missionaries.  She knows now it was the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was missing in her life.  We loved the gospel of Jesus Christ from the moment we first heard it from the elders.  We were Buddhist before.   Because of the gospel I am now blessed with wonderful husband in my native Mongolia who has the priesthood. Because of the gospel, my siblings have the desire to now share their testimonies with friends and serve missions near and far.

Because of my mother’s testimony and example there are now about 140 people outside of my family who have joined the church here in our Country.  There are now 15 members of my immediate family who have joined the church. I can see that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.  Just from a single verse of Holy Scripture written into Mongolian, over 150 people have now joined the church.  Elder Holland we love and pray for you!  Here is a photo of our family at our baptism and more recent.


In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen 


Sister Bolorsaikhan Battulga 
Ulaanbaatar West Stake Sansar Ward