Forget about Waldo – every genealogist wants to know “where in the world is my family tree”? And the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has once again taken the lead in the collection and free access to this genealogical information with their new online tool “FamilySearch Family Tree.

What Does This Mean for Genealogists?

Just Google “FamilySearch Family Tree” and see what comes up! Here are a few descriptions of this new revolutionary program.

“FamilySearch is a FREE Service. Sign Up Now to Get Started. With a FamilySearch Account, a world of family history possibilities come to life.”

“ User Submitted Genealogies”

“Discover your family history. Explore the world’s largest collection of free family trees, genealogy records and resources.”

“Try FamilySearch Family Tree! Family Tree is an upgrade to new.FamilySearch that combines the best features and data from new.FamilySearch and adds powerful tools for data accuracy, usability, and collaboration.”

“On the FamilySearch Family Tree, you can see your family information on a family … To display your FamilySearch Family Tree, sign in to the FamilySearch. org …”

“Welcome to FamilySearch Family Tree. The Family Tree is a new approach to genealogy. It is unlike any tool you’ve used before. You will connect with others…”

“First step in enhancing the experience on the website, Family Tree is a great way to collaborate with others, edit and delete incorrect data…

“Make your family tree available here to help other researchers. Your submissions remain in your control, preserved indefinitely, to review or remove as you see fit…”

Family Tree at will give all users of FamilySearch the ability to view and track their family history information in an easy and integrated way…”

Family Tree will replace NewFamilySearch soon. Make your family tree available here to help other researchers. … people who may be alive. You may click to view a person in the FamilySearch Family Tree…”

“video on YouTube demonstrates the basic functionality of FamilySearch Family Tree. It is titled Family Tree from FamilySearch”.

Isn’t This Exciting!

A whole new world awaits the family history researcher! Through Family Tree, invites genealogists everywhere to freely participate and collaborate on the recorded establishment a recognized global genealogy. This development is a monumental step towards to creating a worldwide family tree of man. We encourage all to join in and find out where in the world is their family tree.


For easy instructions on how to use this incredible improvement in family history work, see the January 3, 2013 FamilySearch Family Tree Reference Guide.


James W. Petty, AG, CG, is the Board-Certified and Accredited Professional Genealogist, “Climbing the Family Tree Professionally, Since 1969”. He is President of HEIRLINES Family History & Genealogy, Inc. (, the “Salt Lake City, Utah BBB Accredited Business” trusted professional genealogy research services firm, providing US and International genealogical and historical research for a world-wide clientele.

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