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The idea of filtering films to make them more appropriate for families has been an issue that many different companies and services have attempted to address. The topic has been in the news a lot recently as the Utah-based streaming service VidAngel faces an ongoing legal battle with four Hollywood studios over their filtering rights. Just last week, Amazon and Sony both made announcements that they are finally presenting their own solutions to the issue of cleaning up films to make them more accessible to families.

Hear the details about each announcement in the article below:

ClearPlay tool will allow Amazon customers to filter sex, language, violence from select movies

ClearPlay, a movie filtering service, will now allow customers to stream select rentals and purchases made on, according to ClearPlay CEO Matt Jarman.

Jarman told the Deseret News that this service is “in early testing stages.”

ClearPlay’s filtering service allows users to skip over scenes they may find objectionable. The service also mutes potentially inappropriate language, according to the company’s website

ClearPlay recently created the new technology to filter movies through Amazon, for both Prime members and regular customers, Jarman said. The company showed the product to Amazon, which was “very helpful, very supportive,” he said.

Now, users with an updated version of Google Chrome can add the filter, allowing customers to filter out compatible Amazon rentals and purchases. The service is available to the public. You can check it out on Amazon here.

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Sony will release ‘clean’ versions of its movies for family-friendly audiences

Sony announced a new initiative this week that will include “clean” versions of films in its home video releases, according to The AV Club.

The clean versions of the films will be not unlike films you’d watch on TV broadcasts and airplanes, according to The AV Club.

The project will launch with 24 films from Sony’s vault, and will include free extras for digital downloads bought on iTunes, VUDU and Fandango Now.

Sony plans to release clean versions of such hit films like “Moneyball,” the Ghostbusters series and “Big Daddy.”

You can see a full list of the films at The AV Club.

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