My dear and precious sisters, four months have now passed since I extended my invitation to you to help gather scattered Israel. Do you recall how I told you that gathering Israel is “the greatest challenge, the greatest cause, and the greatest work on earth today”? Many of you have seized this challenge with great vigor. I wish to tell you that the Lord loves you and is pleased with every effort you make. Since last October, I have heard from women all over the world about how they have responded to my four invitations to help gather scattered Israel. You will remember that the four invitations included:

  1. Participate in a 10-day fast from social media and any other media that bring negative and impure thoughts to your mind.
  2. Read the Book of Mormon by the end of 2018.
  3. Establish a pattern of regular temple attendance.
  4. Participate fully in Relief Society.

If you participated in any of these challenges, I want you to know that you are helping to gather scattered Israel. No matter how much time you spend on them, please know that the Lord is mindful and pleased with every effort you make.On my Instagram and Facebook accounts, I asked to hear about your experiences. I was overwhelmed to see that more than 10,000 women responded! My heart was touched by what you shared. Here are a few examples:

  • “President Nelson, thank you for the challenge of reading the Book of Mormon. I started the next morning. Little did I know that later that week I would be diagnosed with cancer. I have loved my time with those wonderful prophets and their teachings. Every morning I have found something to help me through one more day of my battle with this disease.” —Connie
  • “I’ve learned that the Book of Mormon has a lot of goodness in it. I know that sounds simple, but I’ve had several friends leave the Church over the last few years and it’s left me with a lot of questions. Reading the Book of Mormon with a focus on Christ helped me see how focused on Christ it really is and helped me see the goodness in the book. I appreciate the challenge to read it.” —Michelle
  • “When you first issued the invitation to read the Book of Mormon, I thought, this is impossible. I have five children, I work, the list of excuses went on and on. But then I thought, if the prophet is asking me to do this, then I can do it. I started with the 10-day social media fast challenge. As soon as I started, I realized that I had more time than I thought. Each time I went to click on a social media app, I would click on the scriptures and read instead. As I did my best to do these challenges, it has truly blessed my life and I’ve felt closer to my Savior and more patience for my children. I’ll be finishing the Book of Mormon today!” —Alyssa

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