Violinist superstar Lindsey Stirling has nearly 7 million YouTube subscribers, more than 3 million Facebook fans and another half a million Twitter followers.

Her music videos on YouTube have been watched more than 1 billion times. Yes, 1 billion.

But today, smack-dab in the middle of a nationwide performing tour, she will be the one in the audience. Today Lindsey is earning her degree in recreation management from BYU, one of her “life goals.”

“Not only is BYU an academically prestigious university, but being back reminds me of the incredibly uplifting, positive spirit that resides on this campus,” Lindsey said. “I loved my time here and I am so proud that I can now call myself a BYU graduate.”

Lindsey joins more than 2,000 students who are being awarded bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctorate degrees this week at BYU. Congratulations to Lindsey and all the new BYU grads.

Last year Lindsey made an appearance in the BYU institutional spot (usually seen during commercial breaks of BYU football games), which you can see below: