Fast Company, highlighted an LDS group that has become a YouTube sensation–The Piano Guys, featuring pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson in a recent article.  It appears that at a time when music sales are plummeting, The Piano Guys are on the up and up and they say it’s because they are determined to stick to their values.

“‘When we’re choosing songs, they have to pass what we colloquially call ‘The Disney Test,” Nelson says. “This song we’re covering, would we be comfortable with our children watching the original video on YouTube and singing the lyrics.? Unfortunately, we have to rule out a lot of songs that use salacious material in their music videos or their lyrics are offensive. Maybe it’s about our faith, but it’s also about family. It’s about our kids. We want our kids to enjoy our stuff too.”

“Although The Piano Guys are leaving a trove of chart-toppers untapped, sometimes a niche you find may not be as small as you think.

“Rather than feeling the pressure of giving in and doing what they’re doing, I get more motivated to do the opposite because I feel there is a need,” Nelson goes on to say. “We found this wonderful niche of people from all walks of life. We get comments like, ‘I’m so grateful that I don’t have to be nervous when I let my kids go on your YouTube channel or listen to your album.’ That’s so gratifying from a parents’ standpoint because I can empathize with that concern.”

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