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The St. George Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints closed Monday for a major renovation and will reopen in 2022.

The closure was originally announced during the April general Conference of the church with detailed plans of the renovation being released on May 22.

According to the church, the temple will undergo extensive structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and finish work.

There will be an open house prior to the rededication where the public will have another chance to see one of the legacy temples of the church.

“This is one of the beautiful, premier temples in the Church,” said Brent Roberts, managing director of the church’s Special Projects Department during a press conference on the closure. “Latter-day Saints have worshiped here for almost 150 years. However, the building has worn out over time, and it is once again time for us to refresh and strengthen this historic structure for future generations to enjoy.”

At the news conference, church representatives shared interior and exterior project renderings and site plans. The entire temple block will be improved with new walkways, landscaping, water features and additional shade trees. A new brides’ exit and plaza will be added to the east side of the annex, and a new baptistry entrance and exit will be added on the temple’s south side.

The upper portion of the existing annex will be demolished and replaced with a design that will complement the historic structure.

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