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Gianfranco Vizzini of South Africa has watched the The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square perform on television.

“And now to be here,” he said, “and know that somebody is actually conducting you and you’re looking from the other perspective” from the choir seats in the Conference Center — it’s kind of remarkable.

“It’s kind of like a dream come true to be on the flip side of this movie, this amazing adventure,” Vizzini said in an interview prior to the October 2023 general conference.

He was one of 10 vocalists from eight countries and territories who came to Salt Lake City to sing with the 360-voice Tabernacle Choir for the October 2023 general conference. They sang Sept. 30-Oct. 1 in the Saturday morning session and the two Sunday sessions as part of a pilot program to help support the choir’s expanded global mission.

It’s the second time international singers have joined the choir for general conference; the first was for the April 2023 general conference.

The singers are: Idaliz Santiago of Puerto Rico, who sings second soprano; Estaban Ojeda of Puerto Rico, who sings baritone; Miguel Rodriguez of Puerto Rico, who sings second bass; Yanina Murga of Ecuador, who sings first alto; Vizzini of Johannesburg, South Africa, who sings second tenor; Sundae Mae Indino of the Philippines, who sings first soprano; Hikari Harvey of Japan, who sings second soprano; JinHyoung Park of South Korea, who sings second tenor; Aaron Wi-Repa of New Zealand, who sings second bass; and Tin Kin “Tom” Lam of Hong Kong, who sings second tenor.

Many of them said it has been a dream of theirs to sing in-person with the Tabernacle Choir, but they live beyond the required 100-mile radius of Salt Lake City.

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