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Music, videos, articles, and graphics to support the 2016 Mutual theme are now available online at The theme was announced back in August.


An entire album of music is available for download at All 11 songs will also soon be on major music streaming platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music.

The album was written and performed entirely by youth. The theme song, “Press Forward,”  is sung by Noelle Bybee. She is a high school student from Ogden, Utah, who is a successful young artist. She competed in last season’s NBC television show The Voice. Read an interview with her on page 17 in the January issue of the New Era. 

Upcoming interviews of the performers will be featured on the Youth Channel’s new series.


Below is the theme video “Press Forward With a Steadfastness in Christ,” which shows youth pressing forward with faith in Christ through the challenges of life. There are several other videos available online.


Posters and art for t-shirts are also available at  These can be used at FSY conferences, youth conferences, and other ward and stake events.

More to Come

More resources for teaching the theme will be created each month to tie the theme with the Come, Follow Me lessons. You will find these in Church magazines, on social media accounts, and on

  • Face to Face event. In January, Elder Ronald A. Rasband, Brother Owen, and Sister Oscarson will discuss the theme and answer questions from youth around the world. The 2016 theme song will also be performed.
  • Musical performances. Special performances of music related to the theme, including songs from the album, will be released throughout the year.
  • More animated videos. Episodes from the new animated video series for youth will be published each month on Church social media sites. See the two videos already published: “Why does God give us commandments?” and “How does keeping the commandments help us?“
  • Social media. The LDS Youth Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts (inEnglish, Spanish, and Portuguese) will publish videos, stories, and other messages related to the theme each month.
  • Quote posters. Each month, shareable quote posters will be published at and on social media sites.
  • #PressForward. When posting or searching for content related to the 2016 Mutual theme, please use the hashtag #PressForward.