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September 22, 2023

Past News

Biden Announces New ‘American Climate Corps’ to Train Youth for Clean-Energy Careers (Wednesday 20 September, 2023)

President Joe Biden launched the “American Climate Corps” on Wednesday, a new initiative designed to train 20,000 “young people on career pathways in the growing fields of clean energy, conservation and climate resilience,” according to the White House.

House Republicans Grill Garland Over Alleged DOJ Weaponization (Wednesday 20 September, 2023)

Attorney General Merrick Garland defended himself and the Department of Justice before a congressional panel on Wednesday morning, denying House Republicans’ allegations that the DOJ has become a “politicized and weaponized” arm of the federal government.

Kentucky Supreme Court reviews state’s Republican-drawn legislative, congressional maps (Wednesday 20 September, 2023)

Kentucky Democrats took their legal fight to the state’s highest court on Tuesday in challenging Republican-drawn boundaries for state House and congressional districts.

Biden to Announce First Federal Office Dedicated to Preventing Gun Violence (Wednesday 20 September, 2023)

President Joe Biden is expected to announce the creation of the first federal office for gun-violence prevention on Friday, according to news reports.

McConnell Says Government Shutdowns Are ‘A Loser for Republicans, Politically’ (Wednesday 20 September, 2023)

After progress on a stopgap funding bill to avoid a government shutdown at month’s end stalled in the House, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) warned Tuesday that shutdowns are “a loser for Republicans, politically.”

New Report Nearly Triples Estimated Amount Covid Fraudsters Stole In Unemployment Benefits (Wednesday 20 September, 2023)

A new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report estimates the total amount of Covid-era unemployment fraud at between $100 to $135 billion — from more than double to nearly triple the number cited in last year’s inspector general study.

Russia’s Putin Accepts Invitation to Visit China in October (Wednesday 20 September, 2023)

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday formally accepted an invitation to visit China in October, the Russian newspaper Vedomosti reported.

School District Can’t Punish Teachers Who Refuse to Lie to Parents About Their Children, Court Rules (Wednesday 20 September, 2023)

A federal judge has blocked a Southern California school district from punishing teachers who notify parents about their child’s purported gender transition in violation of district policy.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Gag Order Designed To Destroy Trump’s First Amendment Right To Criticize Biden On Campaign Trail (Wednesday 20 September, 2023)

Special Counsel Jack Smith filed a motion on Friday that, if granted, would effectively bar President Donald Trump from criticizing him, President Joe Biden, and other deep state bureaucrats for their hyperpartisan prosecution of his First Amendment right to claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

CALLING HIS BLUFF: Tuberville Tests Schumer by Forcing Senate Vote on Military Officer (Wednesday 20 September, 2023)

Sen. Tommy Tuberville is planning to force his Senate colleagues to vote on Gen. Eric Smith’s promotion to U.S. Marine Corps commandant—a new tactic in the Alabama Republican’s monthslong dispute with the Defense Department over its taxpayer-funded abortion policy.


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