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May 17, 2021

Past News

Critical Race Theory Weakens Society and Breeds Hate, Minorities Say (Sunday 16 May, 2021)

Critical race theory, at one time limited primarily to academia, has become a controversial issue as it increasingly is showing up in K-12 school curriculums and in training in government agencies and corporate America.

Trump Antagonist Opposes Arizona Election Audit as Justice Department Official (Sunday 16 May, 2021)

A foe of former President Donald Trump is leading the Biden Justice Department’s push to discredit or halt an election audit in Arizona’s largest county—an issue that is heating up this week.

Jesus Statue Toppled, American Flag Burned at NYC Church (Sunday 16 May, 2021)

Vandals toppled a statue of Jesus and burned an American flag outside a Catholic church in Brooklyn, N.Y. in a possible hate crime, authorities said.

CDC’s Walensky Denies Politics Played Role in Updated Mask Guidelines (Sunday 16 May, 2021)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Rochelle Walensky denied that political pressure played a role in the agency’s updated mask guidelines, in comments on Fox News Sunday.

Biden Revokes Trump Executive Order to Create ‘Garden of Heroes’ (Sunday 16 May, 2021)

In an executive order issued Friday, President Joe Biden revoked a Trump-era executive order that would create a National Garden of American Heroes.

U.S. Tax Day Arrives Late With IRS Behind on Millions of Returns (Sunday 16 May, 2021)

Monday brings a close to what tax advisers have dubbed the “never-ending tax season,” with the IRS scrambling to cope with repeated changes in law that offered just a foretaste of the challenges to come — with President Joe Biden pressing for a raft of higher levies and stepped-up audits.

UK Readies for Major Reopening but New Variant Sparks Worry (Sunday 16 May, 2021)

Travelers in England were packing their bags, bartenders were polishing their glasses and performers were warming up as Britain prepared Sunday for a major step out of lockdown — but with clouds of worry on the horizon.

Refugees Arriving in US Unlikely to Exceed Cap Set by Trump (Sunday 16 May, 2021)

President Joe Biden, under political pressure, agreed to admit four times as many refugees this budget year as his predecessor did, but resettlement agencies concede the number actually allowed into the U.S. will be closer to the record-low cap of 15,000 set by former President Donald Trump.

Judge agrees to leave CDC eviction pause intact for now (Sunday 16 May, 2021)

A federal judge on Friday agreed to delay the enforcement of her ruling earlier this month that struck down a nationwide freeze on evictions, handing a temporary reprieve to cash-strapped renters.

Iran Gears Up for Return to Oil Market as US Talks Advance (Sunday 16 May, 2021)

Iran is preparing to ramp up global oil sales as talks to lift U.S. sanctions show signs of progress. But even if a deal is struck, the flow of additional crude into the market may be gradual.


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