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March 20, 2023

Past News

Abortion ban injunction upheld by N. Dakota Supreme Court (Thursday 16 March, 2023)

The North Dakota Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a state abortion ban will remain blocked while a lawsuit over its constitutionality proceeds.

Israel to give Ukraine Anti-drone Missiles (Thursday 16 March, 2023)

Israel has approved export licenses for the potential sale of anti-drone jamming systems for Ukraine for the first time since Russia invaded Kyiv, a move that comes as Iran continues to supply advanced long-range armed drones to Moscow, reports Axios.

Senate Judiciary GOP Aims to Codify Recent 2nd Amendment Rulings (Thursday 16 March, 2023)

All 10 Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have co-sponsored the Respect for the Second Amendment Act to codify recent Supreme Court rulings upholding the constitutional U.S. right to keep and bear arms.

As Russian advance stalls, debate over Bakhmut’s strategic value heats up (Thursday 16 March, 2023)

THE HISTORIC BATTLE OF BAKHMUT: Ukraine’s tenacious defense of the tiny mining town of Bakhmut is likely to go down in the annals of military history, but its role in the outcome of the war is a chapter yet to be written.

Biden administration supports repealing authorization for wars in Iraq (Thursday 16 March, 2023)

The Biden administration has come out in support of legislation that would bring about an official end to the Iraq War and Persian Gulf War .

CENTCOM commander says ISIS-K will be able to strike US interests in ‘under six months’ (Thursday 16 March, 2023)

The Afghanistan branch of the Islamic State, Islamic State Khorasan ( ISIS-K ), will have the ability to launch attacks against United States interests outside of Afghanistan in less than six months, according to the top defense official in the region.

Law allowing noncitizens to vote in DC elections survives Congress (Thursday 16 March, 2023)

A law passed by the Council of the District of Columbia allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections has survived a challenge in Congress, paving the way for the legislation to take effect next fall.

Pfizer to replace migraine drug packaging over child safety concerns (Thursday 16 March, 2023)

Pfizer Inc said on Thursday it was working on a new child-proof packaging for its migraine drug, Nurtec ODT, after safety concerns led to a recall alert from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

UN nuclear watchdog: 2.5 tons of uranium missing in Libya (Thursday 16 March, 2023)

Some 2.5 tons of natural uranium stored in a site in war-torn Libya have gone missing

Survivors in shock as Cyclone Freddy toll passes 400 in Malawi, Mozambique (Thursday 16 March, 2023)

The last thing Lukia Akimu remembers is the surge of floodwater that hit her village near Mount Soche this week when Tropical Cyclone Freddy tore through southern Malawi.


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