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Here are some of the best new fiction books for kids ages eight and older. There are several types of genres listed here and include fantasy, realistic fiction, humor, mystery and science fiction. If you’re looking for a book to engage, or get your child excited about reading, this list is for you!

 LuckJust My Luck, by Cammie McGovern, is a touching story about fourth grader Benny and how he deals with his life. He believes he has no talent. He can’t even ride a bike successfully while his autistic brother rides circles around him. When his dad has a serious accident, Benny blames himself. But there are two people, his mom and his teacher, who support and enlighten him to his strengths – which are empathy and compassion. This book will motivate all who read it to desire to become a better person.

Bounders, by Monica Tesler, begins like this: “I know it’s rude to stare. How many times has Mom told me that? A million! But I’ve never seen an alien before.” Twelve-year-old Jasper has just been chosen to be one of the space travelers called Bounders and become an exclusive cadet astronaut. This space adventure will enthrall you from cover to cover because the action is thrilling and with humor found throughout.

To Catch a Cheat, by Varian Johnson, is a terrific mystery which involves Jackson Greene and his friends as they attempt to solve a very difficult dilemma. This is actually a sequel to “The Great Greene Heist” but reading the first one isn’t necessary to enjoy and get caught up in this page-turner. However, after reading this book, you’ll likely want to check out Johnson’s first book. Beware of the surprise ending!

Thieves Story Thieves and Story Thieves: The Stolen Chapters, by James Riley, is a two book series with the first book grabbing you and not letting you go until the last page. Book two is just as good. Owen’s life is about to change. When he sees a girl climb out of a book, he discovers that she is both fictional and human and that she is searching for her missing father. This amazing discovery sets in motion a turn of events that creates adventures beyond Owen’s imagination. “The Stolen Chapters” begins with richly imagined chapters. The first nine chapters have been stolen and Owen soon discovers that his memory has been erased! He will have to demonstrate courage in order to save his friends. Both books are perfect for even the most reluctant reader! 

The Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn, by Sam Gayton, and sprinkled with imaginative drawings by Poly Bernatene, has all the elements of magic, adventure and mystery. Little Lettie has to be in charge of her father’s inn since her mother has disappeared. One stormy night, a very unusual guest enters the inn and magical vestiges begin to occur. The descriptive language creates visual displays of creativity and ingenuity. This is a wondrous story!

Henry Cicada’s Extraordinary Elktonium Escapade, by David Teague, has young Henry desiring to be just a normal ordinary kid. Even though his parents are inventors, he just wants an ordinary life. But after his mom invents Elktonium and his dog’s doghouse begins glowing with the stuff, he finds himself transported into the imagination of a girl, Lulu. He soon discovers that Lulu has a huge problem. Now he just might have to become something more than ordinary. The story is written with much humor making it a perfect read-out-loud.


Into the Killing Seas, by Michael P. Spradlin, is a historical fiction that is loosely woven around the sinking of the U. S. S. Indianapolis during World War II. But the two main protagonists are the fictional part of this exciting story. Two young brothers hideaway on board the ship so they can head back to the Philippines to be with their parents. But when the Indianapolis is suddenly torpedoed, the boys survive the attack but now they have to try and survive without water and food – and with sharks. 

A Dragon’s Guide to Making Your Human Smarter, by Laurence Yep & Joanne Ryder, and with drawings sprinkled throughout by Mary Grandpre, is a second book with a similar theme. The first book, “A Dragon’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans”, is similar to this book. The Grand Dragon, Miss Drake, has a human pet: young Winnie. She decides to send her to SHunterspriggs Academy where she can learn magic. But Winnie learns that she is about to be kidnapped and now she just might have to use some magic. The story is lighthearted and fanciful and the illustrations showcase some unique mystical beasts.

Hunters of Chaos and Hunters of Chaos: The Circle of Lies, by Chrystal Velasquez, is a mythology story that rings similar to the Rick Riordan series, only this series centers around girls. When Ana is sent to a school in New Mexico, she soon discovers three other girls who have a similar background to her. All four find something very strange: they find they all have magical powers. This leads to some odd experiences at the school. The second book continues with their exhilarating adventures.