Editor’s Note: As part of the #LightTheWorld campaign, Meridian’s authors have been asked to take turns chiming in a word or two about the service prompts that have been given as part of the #LightTheWorld calendar.

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#LightTheWorld challenge for Sunday December 22nd

It’s the fastest way to receive revelation…
It’s the most sincere form of worship….
It’s the secret to daily happiness and feeling close to the Lord….

….Asking God how you can bless someone.

Realizing this, I composed a hymn that asks this question in seven different ways.  I want it “stuck in my head” on endless repeat, wafting through my daily hours, helping me to “pray always” and inviting revelation at every verse. I share this hymn in hopes that it can likewise represent your own consecrated efforts as parents, missionaries, temple workers, friends, teachers, youth leaders, ministering companions, or saints serving in any other role. Please listen to it here, print the free sheet music, sing it, and share it. I would be thrilled if you have the musical talent to improve the arrangement or instrumentation (contact me).

As we work for heaven—together with the Lord, the angels, and the Spirit—the joys of heaven will work their miracles in and through our hearts, too.

Let Heaven Work Through Me

by Shalissa Lindsay

Who can I lift today, Lord? May I work with Thee?
How can I share a joy that Thou hast given me?
What extra mile can I, for Thee, go cheerfully?
Thine errand help me see.
Let heaven work through me.

Please tutor me today, Lord. Show me how to start.
How can I with my loved ones choose the better part?
What holy words of scripture, Lord, will heal our hearts
and tether us to Thee?
Let heaven work through me.

Who can I lift today, Lord?  Improve all my plans.
My loaves and fish are meager, but blessed by Thy hand
Their reach will multiply so feeble knees can stand.
I give these hours to Thee.
Let heaven work through me.