Today, got a new look, the first in a series of improvements to make it more personalized and easy to use.

This update includes four improvements:

1. Visual Update

You will notice a change in the appearance. now has crisp, new fonts and a white background. (If you still see some pages with the blue background, you may need to refresh your browser to see the new pages. Press F5.)

2. New Selector for My Account and Ward

In the upper right corner, a new My Account and Ward selector replaces theSign-In/Tools link. It provides options in an easier-to-read, more mobile-friendly drop-down menu.

3. New Selectors for Country and Language

In the upper right corner, you can now more easily select a different language or find local content for your area on the country communication pages (country websites). The country communication pages will now include the same navigation menus found on

4. New Search Options on Country Pages

On the country communication pages, you can now choose whether to search local content only or all of

Upcoming Improvements

Future improvements will include a completely new menu and navigation, to be similar to that found in the Gospel Library mobile app.


Ever-changing technology and Church needs mean that will continue to evolve over time. But we want to be sure that meets your needs, so we invite your feedback. Simply scroll to the bottom of any page on and select Feedback.

Learn more in the article “ Appearance, Menus to Evolve Over Time.”