When we met Cheryl Lee MD we were so impressed with her revolutionary approach to skin care we decided to interview her on camera and find out what she did and why she did it.  In these short videos (usually about a minute long each) you’ll learn why this normal, LDS mom decided to invent some amazing new products that can actually bring about healing to some of the most bothersome and irritating problems on the planet.  To access a special offer on her products, CLICK HERE.

The first video is an introduction to what she did and why.

The next video attacks one of the most common problems in skin care, the addictions many of us have to lip balm.

One problem that numerous people face, especially children, is eczema.  It has been next to impossible to find a cure and for many this can become extremely serious.

The first thing we tend to do with a cut or a scrape is put triple antibiotic ointment on the wound.  Wrong.  Find out why.

Itching is so common it can drive you crazy (if it’s you that has the problem).  Come and find out how to stop that itching.

Ph Balance in your skin plays a key role in your body’s happiness.  Learn about why True Lipids immediately restore balance to your skin.

We’ve all used steroids, at one time or another, to help stop a rash on our child.  And most of the time it doesn’t work.  Come and see why and what will provide relief (finally) for your children.

Does aging play a role in your life?  Of course it does, but CherylLeeMD can help to minimize it.  Watch now.

To see her products and take advantage of a current special that is being offered, CLICK HERE.